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When looking for bargain contact lenses, people go to AC Lens to get it. An ever-growing company that had humble beginnings in 1995, they now cater to hundreds of clients per month in their online contact lenses shop. They feature the best brands like, Aqualite®, CIBA Vision®, Acuvue®, Biomedics®, Focus® DAILIES®, FreshLook®, PureVision, and other top brands. They service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you’re sure to get contact lenses delivered to your doorstep.Stop buying marked-up prices of contact lenses! Out-of-sight savings with AC Lens coupons online as it saves you more money than ever, along with the already-low contact lenses price tag. Select from a wide array of brands, style and color and save on your total purchase if you use ACLens promo codes.  All AC Lens coupon codes, AC Lens promotional codes, and AC Lens coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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AC Lens Get FREE delivery on all orders over £60 GBP to the UK at
Dec 31 2017   
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The 5 Secrets to Effective Contact Lens Care with AC Lens Coupon Discounts

By Maggie Baker
October 06, 2011

Believe it or not, extending the life of your contact lenses while keeping your eyes as safe and healthy as

possible is a cinch. You won't have overspend even a single dime while at it, too. When you check out these

superb tips and pointers from AC Lens coupon

discounts, you're sure to take your contact lens care and maintenance know-how to a whole new higher level

in no time at all:

Cleanliness is a top priority. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before

handling your contact lenses or before touching your eyes. Any residue from lotions, soaps or chemicals may

stick to the contact lens, causing pain, irritation and blurred vision when you wear them. Don't forget bring

along a handy bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go as well.

Follow your doctor's orders. When it comes to contact lens care and maintenance, nothing

beats following your optometrist's recommendations any day. Besides using only the lens cleaners and eye drops

that your doctor suggests, make sure you get your eye doctor's go signal before using any new or different

medicines. Tell your doctor about things you can buy without a prescription while at it, too.

If it's legit, go for it. The solutions used for the care of your contact lens must be

approved by the FDA and manufactured by reputable companies, just like when you use AC Lens coupon

discounts. Remember your eyes are irreplaceable so never compromise on the quality of the solutions.

Ensure you clean your contact lens immediately after you remove them. Plus, do not ever use your nails to

handle your contact lenses. They may cause tears on the contact lenses and introduce infection directly.

Safe storage all the way. Always use the appropriate contact lens case for storage. Keep your

lenses tightly sealed inside the disinfecting solution. Do not leave your contact lens exposed to air or dust.

You should always use fresh contact lens care solution each time you store your lenses in a lens case. Do not

practice the bad habit of "topping off." This refers to the adding a little more amount of solution to what is

already in the case.

Saving more while enjoying the best in the business. You don't have to empty your bank

account just to grab the finest contact lenses, solution and other stuff available these days. All you need to

do is use promo deals and you're good to go. You're guaranteed to

experience a whole new brand of shopping satisfaction when you try them out today.

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The 5 Secrets to Effective Contact Lens Care with AC Lens Coupon Discounts

AC Lens Address:

4265 Diplomacy Dr
Columbus, Ohio 43228

Contact AC Lens:

1-888-248-LENS (5367)

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