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Air & Water is an independent appliance retailer, and it was established in 2002. In a few years, it grew into one of the most successful and largest retailers online. Air & Water distributes heating and cooling products and purification products to households and commercial establishments. They also have common home appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, wine chillers, and portable ice makers. Air & Water became a successful retailer because of its excellent customer service, hassle-free returns, fast delivery, and secure shopping. If you are looking for discounted appliances, visit the Air & Water store. You can buy cooling and heating products for less with Air & Water coupon codes. Search for Air & Water coupon codes online, and you can get big discounts when you shop.   All Air & Water coupon codes, Air & Water promotional codes, and Air & Water coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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Expert HVAC Care and Maintenance Tips from Air & Water Promo Discounts

By Maggie Baker
October 20, 2011

An HVAC unit is a term used for a centralized heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Apart from

giving homeowners a convenient regulation of the interior temperature and climate of their respective abodes,

an HVAC unit also ensures residential comfort and coziness all throughout the year. Here are some useful tips

and pointers from Air & Water promo discounts

that will surely help you get the job done with flying colors in no time at all:

Regular filter replacement is a must. Old and dirty filters force your HVAC system to work

harder, resulting in added energy consumption and possible internal damage. Replace your heating and cooling

air filters every month that they're in use. While you're at it, make sure you check and clean the filters in

your home's air cleaners and humidifiers to ensure that everything is in tiptop shape and you won't have to

deal with expensive utility bills in the long run.

Check your fuses and compressors. If your unit is running very low or perhaps switching on

and off randomly, it might be because you're dealing with defective fuses and worn-out compressors. Always

remember that your unit's fan is supposed to kick in when the system reaches a certain temperature. If it

suddenly turns on and off without human interference, this means that its sensors are not working properly and

it's probably time to get that part of the unit changed. Use home improvement coupon codes to enjoy huge discounts in the process.

Clutter is an HVAC no-no. Aside from obstructing the necessary air supply to get your unit in

action, random items stored near your HVAC systems can fire hazards as well. To make sure you're getting the

most out of your heating and cooling system, don't forget to keep the registers and vents throughout the house

free of dust, dirt and pet hair by vacuuming them at least once a year. If your home comfort system includes a

humidifier, it may be necessary to clean the water reservoir to prevent mold or mildew buildup.

Keep your wiring in excellent condition. When it comes to wiring, you might want to hire an

HVAC maintenance specialist to take care of it for you. Unless you have specific electrical experience,

handling wiring can cause serious injury. This is the case with both high and low voltage wiring. Everything

in your unit is connected to your home's entire electrical system, so the risk of shock is always there. Keep

in mind to use Air & Water promo discounts to only zero in on the best brands and models

for a fraction of the cost.

Be pro-active in terms of HVAC maintenance. Keeping your system properly maintained will

lower energy and repair costs, prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your equipment. Some maintenance

jobs should be left to the professionals. Use discounts coupons to

get access to the best of the best for less for everything else you need.

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Expert HVAC Care and Maintenance Tips from Air & Water Promo Discounts

Air & Water Address:

1100 S. Linwood Avenue
Building B
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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