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Cleaning Your Mobile Phones and Music Players with promo codes

By Allison Jada
April 23, 2012

Mobile phones and music players are living inside your pockets for most of the time but that doesn't mean it

doesn't get dirty. For the most part, the filth in your pockets (e.g. moulds, candy wrappers and, believe it

or not, your hands even if you wash them before reaching for your phone) get transferred to your mobile

phones. It gets frustrating to clean them most of the time that changing units is so much easier than actually

cleaning it. promo

codes have an easier way when it comes to cleaning these gadgets.

The screen of your phone is almost always dirty because it is the one exposed to the outside world and your

dirty hands. With the exterior of your mobile phone or mp3 player, you can use a slightly damp cloth to remove

dirt and fingerprints on them and you can do this several times of the day, whenever you feel like it needs


Since these gadgets are meant to be pocketed, you can actually be a little rough when cleaning them. The

insides of the gadgets can accumulate dirt

and that can get pretty annoying especially when the keys of your phone get busted because of all the dirt. So

what do you do with this? promo codes suggest that you grab yourself a couple of wooden

toothpicks and old toothbrushes and you're good to go. These household items can help you get into those

cracks and crevices of the keypads and the speakers that cannot be reached by a cloth.

For most speakers where you wouldn't want to push the dirt into, you can lay href="">scotch tape over them and then pull

it off. This will actually lift the dirt off your speakers.

If you are using those mobile phones that you can open up on your own, you can pull the parts off one by one

and start wiping them off with a slightly damp cloth except for those parts near the battery pack because

those are parts that should not get wet.

Cleaning your mobile phones and your

music players with promo codes is a must so you can prolong the life of your gadgets. You

should do this every once in a while.

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