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Who Else Wants to Learn These 5 Superb Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Minus the Exorbitant Price Tags?

by Mary Jo Smith
December 15, 2010
Stumped on determining which gift to buy for your dad, husband, brother, son or father-in-law this Yuletide season? Shopping for the perfect Christmas present for a man in your life can be quite tricky as well as can be extremely pressing on your budget if you're not careful.

Don't settle for boring, predictable offerings like ties and socks these holidays. Whether you're shopping for your boyfriend, brother, dad, husband, grandpa or best guy friend, you'll definitely take your present selection smarts to a whole new level once you finish this article.Why don't you read on and find out what manly gifts to score this Christmas without breaking the bank?

  1. Nothing hits the spot like sports. Face it: men love sports and sometimes the best gift for the man in your life is a pair of tickets using TicketNetwork discount deals to his favorite sporting event. Whether it's baseball, hockey, football, basketball or wrestling, treating him to the best seats in the house is a surefire winner.
  2. Unleash the handy man in him. Wanna impress your man with a superb gift without overspending even a single dime? Get him basic tools like hammers, screwdrivers and laser levels or perhaps even tool accessories such as nails and drill bits this Yuletide season. Chances are he'll get that creak in the garage you've always been complaining about in no time, too. How's that for killing two birds with one stone?
  3. Get him something to fire up the grill with. There's something about men and their affinity for grills that we women haven't deciphered yet for thousands of years. While buying him a brand-new grill may sound a bit overboard, why not use La Cense Beef coupon codes to purchase the freshest cuts of meat that will win him over in a blink of an eye. Remember the saying about the shortest way to a man's heart? You're welcome.
  4. Don't forget to "connect" with him. What's the best gift for your man this Christmas that will surely keep you connected no matter how far you two are from each other? Paying for your man's cell phone plan, of course. Wanna take it up a notch? Take care of the payments in advance so he doesn't have to worry about it in the year to come. Throw in Phone Power e-deals in the mix and you're definitely good to go.
  5. A close shave is a great shave. Do you always see your man walking around with little bloody pieces of toilet paper or tissue stuck to his face? Then you may want to invest in a shaving kit. Likewise, nothing goes better with a spanking new shaving kit than an array of lotions, moisturizers and skin enhancers using promotional coupons your man will truly fall for. Now how about getting a move on and start shopping?

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Who Else Wants to Learn These 5 Superb Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Minus the Exorbitant Price Tags?

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