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5 Tips to Throw a Killer Party on a Budget

by Paul Sandalwood
November 06, 2009
Throwing a party can be financially stressful. Besides worrying about common logistical details like food, party supplies and invitations, trying to make your soiree as meticulous as possible can take out most of your cash.

However, it is possible to throw a party on a budget and there's also no reason why people ought to know you were trying to save a few bucks when planning your shindig. Below you will find helpful tips and advice on how to have an unforgettable get-together without emptying your bank account. With these pointers, you're on your way to become a smart party host in no time.

1. Make it a point to take care of the food preparation. You can save a lot of money if you make much of the food yourself. Instead of paying for a catering service, strap on your apron and get busy in the kitchen. As an additional option, you can ask friends and family who will be coming to contribute either a dessert, side dish or a main course. That way, you won't have to spend too much on food and increase the menu variety at the same time.

2. Stock up on specific drinks, not a complete bar. You don't have to purchase a multitude of spirits and liquors that could rival your local pub to have a great party. Just make sure you have a few bottles of red and white wine, a keg of beer, and a punch-type concoction to whet your guests' whistles. Don't forget to include cola and non-alcoholic drinks for children and non-drinkers.

3. Email your invitations as much as possible. You can easily email your party invitations without spending too much on store-bought cards. Apart from shaving a few dollars off on party expenses, you are guaranteed that they will always get to your intended guests on time.

4. Throw your party early in the afternoon. Most party budget pros advise that 2:00 in the afternoon is the ideal time to start a bash. Instead of providing full-course meals, you only have to serve snacks and appetizers, as well as light entrees like smoked salmon and cold cuts. You can even raise the bar on saving money by making your own dips and sauces.

5. The Internet is a massive party resource, use it. There are lots of party ideas and money-saving tips that you can learn from the worldwide web. The only important thing you have to know is where to look. Smart Coupons offers a top-notch list of the finest party supplies and specialty items available, where you can get access to the party needs you've always wanted without pushing your finances off track. With Smart Coupons, you are guaranteed to have a happy party and a happier wallet!

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5 Tips to Throw a Killer Party on a Budget

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