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7 Savvy Christmas Budget-Saving Tips You'll Surely Love

by Becky Metzger
November 07, 2011
The Yuletide season is fast approaching and believe it or not, you don't really have to pound the high street

just to get your hands on superb Christmas gifts for family and close friends. If you're looking to save a lot

of your precious greenbacks while getting access to the coolest present this year, you've absolutely come to

the right place. Here are some superb pointers that will definitely do the trick in no time at all:

  1. Make a list and try to stick to it. The very first step to flawless Christmas gift

    shopping is drumming up a well-planned list of recipients and the various presents you're planning to give

    them. Apart from effectively matching the right gift to the right person, you can also somehow gauge how much

    you're going to spend along the way and keep clear from excessive rates while at it.

  2. Fire up your browser. With everything going digital these days, booting up your PC before

    deciding to buy a certain product is a very savvy way to save a few dollars off on your purchase. Make sure

    you carefully check if there are any available online discount

    codes first for that item you're planning to buy to enjoy huge price-offs and similar perks.

  3. Browse your Sunday paper. Contrary to popular belief, your Sunday newspaper holds more

    than just celebrity gossip and a handful of classifieds. All throughout the year, you can easily zero in on

    awesome coupons for local department stores that range from $5 to $20. You may have to dig through a few to

    find one that you like but all in all it is worth the effort.

  4. Shopping online is key. Did you know that at stores on Black Friday, only a lucky few

    arrive early enough to grab the deeply discounted door-buster laptop or TV? Online, your odds are much, much

    better. Pro-tip: Try logging on at around 12:01 A.M. ET. If the discount isn't available, check it out again

    at 4 or 5 A.M., when stores open. You'll definitely beat the crowds and nab the best deals, too.

  5. Friday is the best day to shop. It really is T.G.I.F! Always remember to shop on Fridays

    to get first dibs on sale items. Moreover, most department stores normally post their on-sale items online

    before they hit the racks on the weekend so make sure you check the stuff you're looking for online before

    buying them to pinch a dollar or two without a fuss.

  6. Take advantage of the post-Yuletide sales. The beauty of living in the 21st century is

    that literally every retailer has after Christmas deals that they post online which makes it a perfect time to

    start thinking about next year. Sure, some products may be obsolete by then and of course you can't buy

    perishable goods. However, many items such as jewelry and toys are marked down so significantly that it

    actually pays to buy a few things this far ahead.

  7. Let your creative juices flow! Your time is valuable and can make a thoughtful gift. Give

    fun, hand-made tokens for cooking a favorite meal or a relaxing massage, which loved ones can redeem when they

    like. You can also mix it up as well by having certificates for free babysitting for friends and relatives

    with very young kids or just any other favor other people will truly appreciate.

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7 Savvy Christmas Budget-Saving Tips You'll Surely Love

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