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8 Easy Tips to Save Huge Amounts of Money this Christmas

by Maggie Baker
November 03, 2011
Christmas is just right around the corner and you can easily spend a tad more than you ought to on holiday

shopping if you're not very careful. Believe it or not, even experts agree that the Yuletide season is one of

the most financially stressful times of the year. If you're looking to up the ante on your Christmas spending

and not feel like Scrooge, you've absolutely come to the right place. Here are some superb tips and pointers

to help you grab all the goodies you want without emptying your bank account in no time at all:

  1. Design your own Christmas cards. If you have a computer, you could design your very own

    Christmas cards using a standard imaging application. Drop by your local craft store and purchase craft paint,

    glitter, heavy card stock paper, stickers and glue. Get creative with it and cut out Christmas shapes like

    trees, snowflakes and candy canes. Don't forget to stock up on printer ink minus the excessive rates as well

    by using computer hardware coupon

    codes to have your designs ready without a fuss.

  2. Make a Christmas shopping list. Make sure you have a list of who to buy presents for.

    Without a specific list of names to work with, you will surely have a hard time creating a suitable Christmas

    budget. No need to go overboard though. Only put the essential people on it. The best way to keep clear from

    overspending during the Yuletide season is to avoid having a list that's too long.

  3. Don't fall for any credit card gimmick. Almost all department stores offer supposedly

    "great" deals when you sign up for their credit cards. Whatever you do, never ever fall for the tempting

    price-offs and discounts that these store credit cards provide. On the other side of the coin, the high

    interest rates these cards go with can easily ruin your Christmas budget in a heartbeat.

  4. Make your own gifts. While it might seem cheap to give homemade gifts, making your very

    own presents can be quite fun and super cheap on your budget, too. Apart from making yummy treats like cookies

    and pastries, you can also jazz up old photos and other memorabilia to have a more nostalgic effect. Top it

    off with free "gift certificates" like free baby sitting to family and friends with children or a lawn mowing

    session or two at no charge and you're definitely all set.

  5. Opt for an artificial tree. Save money on decorating for Christmas this year by buying an

    artificial tree instead of a real one that you only end up throwing away after the Yuletide season. There's

    not much difference at all really. Artificial trees pay for themselves year after year, too. You can also

    decorate them traditionally as you would a real one. For a more personal and sentimental touch as well as a

    money-saving option, don't forget to add your children's homemade crafts to the tree instead of shopping for

    commercial trinkets and accessories.

  6. Use the worldwide web to your advantage. Before you start shopping, start following your

    favorite retailers on Twitter and Facebook. Many companies offer discounts exclusively to their Twitter

    followers and Facebook friends. A quick search of their recent posts and updates may reveal superb money-

    saving discount coupons. Learn how to use RSS feeds for shopping to

    be notified when an item you want goes on sale, too. Many online stores allow you to make purchases just days

    before Christmas and still have them shipped in time for the big day.

  7. Shop for all the stuff you need before Christmas. Consider doing your holiday shopping

    throughout the year. If you wait until just before Christmas, the prices are sure to be higher and you could

    overspend in the long run. Try to pick up some gifts from time to time and always pay attention to price-off

    events like Black Friday sales as many people even tend to do all their major Christmas shopping on these


  8. Set a defined budget and stick to it. How much can you realistically afford to spend on

    Christmas this year? Avoid putting your Christmas shopping on your credit card as much as possible or you'll

    be in for a nasty financial surprise sooner or later. Just spend what you can find within your regular budget.

    Once you have a total amount, decide how you'll split it among the people on your list.

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8 Easy Tips to Save Huge Amounts of Money this Christmas

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