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Eating Out on a Budget and How to Find Restaurant Coupons

by Gabby Dell
February 16, 2010
Nowadays, you're not surprised anymore when gas prices increase. You don't get shocked when news stations announce higher grocery prices. You probably don't go out to eat as often, since you can save more if you cook at home. That is true, somehow. But what if you're told that you can actually save when you eat out?

It's not that unbelievable. You can save when eating out by using restaurant coupons. All over the country, many people are starting to save by using coupons. They use coupons to buy groceries, to buy clothes, and even to watch movies and concerts. And if you love to eat out, you can also use dining coupons.

Here are some ways to find restaurant coupons so you could save the next time you're eating out.

1. Buy an entertainment book

Every year Entertainment Publications releases a book called the entertainment book. This book has coupons on almost everything-- shopping, home furnishings, attractions, travel, and dining. You can get the entertainment book by ordering online, ordering by phone, or buying from a retail store or a fundraising event. For more information, you can visit the entertainment book website.

2. Buy coupons that offer huge discounts on products and services for a much lower price

Some websites offer coupons, but they're not exactly free. For instance, you can get $25 discount on a product by paying $10. Or maybe you can get 10 coupons but you have to pay $5 for it. The cost isn't too high, so even if you have to pay you can still save.

3. Search for printable coupons online

There are plenty of coupons available on the internet, specifically restaurant coupons. And some of them are printable coupons. These coupons look just like the normal coupons that you see in newspapers and magazines. There's the discount rate or amount written on it, along with the participating store, its location and phone number, and the expiration date. You can find these in coupon sites or store sites. After printing the coupons, you can then present them to the participating stores or restaurants.

4. Look for coupon codes or promotional discount codes online

A coupon code is another way for you to save up. Usually these can be found in coupon sites and online stores. Coupon codes are easier to use, since you don't have to print them out. They are just codes that you have to copy so you could use them when you're shopping online. When it comes to dining, however, coupon codes are not common. If you see a coupon code for a restaurant, it is usually for a fast food restaurant that delivers. This means you have to order on their site so you could get a discount.

5. Buy newspapers and magazines and keep your eye out for promos and coupons

This is the most common way to find a coupon. Grocery coupons are the coupons that are most often found on a newspaper. Sometimes there are dining coupons published in newspapers and magazines as well. But aside from coupons, if you want to save you should be aware of promos. Promos do not necessarily need coupons. You could see fast food promo ads. You could see invitations to eat out at a fancy restaurant for a low price being advertised on a newspaper. You don't have to cut out these print ads. All you have to do is show up at the participating restaurant and mention that you saw their promo ad. They should give you the discount, unless the promo has ended.

Even small discounts, such as $1 or $2 off on a service or product will help you save. If you know how to take advantage of the promos and discounts that are being advertised, you should be able to put aside some money. Imagine how much you will save for every one dollar discount coupon that you use for grocery items and restaurant meals. That would be a lot of money in a year.

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Eating Out on a Budget and How to Find Restaurant Coupons

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