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Finally! The Secrets to Efficiently Stretch Your Monthly Budget Revealed

by Moira Stevens
August 08, 2010
Finally! The Secrets to Efficiently Stretch Your Monthly Budget Revealed

Much easier said than done, achieving complete financial control is neither a science or an art. It is rather somewhere in between, involving a great deal of commitment as well as lots of dedication and perseverance. Are you currently stuck in a financial rut? Here are a few tips and tricks that will surely take your budgeting expertise up a notch in no time:

  • List down all your expenses and debts. Having a concise idea of your existing financial status is a prerequisite to achieve complete control over your budget. Make sure you take note of all your bills and IOU's, no matter how small or insignificant they may be. When you finish figuring out how much cash you have coming in and how much going out, you can effectively zero in on the areas where you can save money.

  • Spend less. While this may appear to be the easiest item on the list, you will be surprised how tough it is to fully regulate your spending habits. Start off this step by thinking about which expenditures you really need and the ones you can do without. Let me help you start the ball rolling by providing a few examples. Do you really need that $1.50 cup of java on your way to the office? Do you really need to have newspapers and magazines delivered directly to your home? Do you really need to change your mobile phone unit every two months? I'm sure you'll find a lot of ways to extend your budget when you complete this phase.

  • Explore new purchasing horizons. Keep in mind that there are two budget-stretching formulas that most people commonly overlook: making sure a sale is a sale, and opting for used merchandise instead of brand-new. Unless you can see a sign that clearly states "half price off" or "buy one take one," any product with a "sale" tag is just a clever marketing strategy to encourage you to spend your money without thinking. On the other hand, brand-new cars usually depreciate in value after a year or two. Why not settle for a cheaper, pre-owned ride than a new one that can easily give your finances a nasty dent?

  • Open a savings account. What's a better place to stash a few bucks than a savings account? Apart from the gradual interest rates that you earn, you'll have a better chance of keeping your money at a long-term basis instead of keeping it at home. Make sure you opt for higher interest-bearing options like CDs or money-market accounts for longer savings goals. Ever remember pilfering a couple of dollars from your piggy bank when you had that sudden urge for a bite of pizza? Case closed.

  • Be a savvy shopper. Shopping wisely is synonymous to saving money. Check out as much places as you can to stumble upon the most competitive product prices that can give the most mileage to your dollar. From farmers' markets to your local fish and meat shop, you can effortlessly save lots of bucks if you know when, where and how to shop. Why not take shopping to an even higher level by using online coupons? Aside from getting access to all the items you've always wanted, you'll never have overspend even a single dime ever again.

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Finally! The Secrets to Efficiently Stretch Your Monthly Budget Revealed

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