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Energy Thieves: The Iron & Cost Saving Tips

by Paul Sanders
December 31, 2009
While the world of haute couture has pioneered some of the most innovative fashion ideas, like the development of wash and wear fabrics and dry-fit apparel, chances are you're still left with perhaps the most tedious chore ever known to man: ironing clothes. Besides being absolutely strenuous and time-consuming, ironing can deal a lot of damage to your next electric bill if not done correctly.

Getting those unsightly wrinkles out of your fancy outfits can be an expensive responsibility but it doesn't have to be one. Here are a few helpful tips and suggestions on how to iron your clothes the right way while saving electricity at the same time. With these trouble-free pointers, you're on your way to sport the crispest clothes in town without having to spend a ton:

  • For such a small appliance, a clothes iron consumes an astonishing amount of electricity. While this may sound a bit peculiar, investing on a top-shelf model can help you save money in the long run. Buying cheap ones can cost you a lot of dollars sooner or later due to constant repairs and replacements.

  • Make sure you iron your heavy clothing first before the delicate ones to make the most of the residual heat. Besides consuming more electricity, doing it the other way around can easily damage delicate fabrics like silk, rayon and nylon due to the excess energy left lingering around your iron's heating plate.

  • Keep in mind to iron all of your garments in one go. Warming up your iron multiple times a day will definitely spike up your next electric bill for a few more dollars. Similarly, check for mineral deposits that may have developed on your iron's heating surface to avoid inadvertently staining your clothes.

  • Don't leave your clothes sitting in the dryer for a few minutes after the cycle is complete. Remove and hang them separately as fast as you can to avoid the development of wrinkles. The less wrinkly your garments are, the less ironing they will need.

  • Make sure you unplug your iron after you finish and don't leave it switched on while finishing other household chores. Besides wasting a lot of energy in the process, an unattended clothes iron can easily injure someone or start a fire.

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Energy Thieves: The Iron & Cost Saving Tips

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