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Frugal Family Fun In The Winter Season

by By Sara Westbrook
January 07, 2010
During winter season when everyone's almost always cooped up inside the house, it doesn't have to feel gloomy while you're cooped up most of the time. If only you can move out of the cold and book a plane to stay in a sunny villa in Italy at a whim, right? Since we don't have that kind of luxury, we might as well make the best of what we got. Here are some simple tips to keep the fun and excitement alive during long periods of winter:

1. Do stuff by the fireplace - during winter, the heart of the home is where the fireplace is. It is by far the most flexible of venues as anyone can plop down and do anything that fancies them. Whether it's just you and your loved ones talking and sharing stories, curling up by yourself with books to read or doing mini campfire activities then by all means make it happen. Gather the whole family to share the warmth around the fireplace.

2. Teach your children baking, sewing or making arts and crafts - In the comfort of your own home, pass down any skills that you might have. Teach them crochet or knitting, painting, sewing small projects and creating whimsical crafts! It's great as a way to pass time in a productive way!

3. Whip up a great snack made from scratch - Children are always happy with their favorite snacks, so learn the basics of crowd-pleasers like special fudge brownies, the best sandwiches, or other home made pastries. Don't rely on ready-made mixes! Learn the ropes yourself and experiment by yourself!

4. Throw a Party - A party doesn't have to be grand nor expensive. Families are learning the value of their dollars, so they're starting to realize that expensive parties are even pointless. What you and your family can do without breaking the bank is to set a party of your own! Just make sure that it's nothing too grand, as it's even more fun if you invite a little less people to keep it small and have pot luck parties during winter!

5. Have a Friendly Competition - Keep the family's spirit and enthusiasm high with a fun competition on your snowy backyard. A snowman contest would delight children and get the adults in the family involved as well. Build not only snowmen, but any figure or sculpture you can imagine. A small prize is all you need for the winner. Get more fun by hosting relay races in the snow, too.

There's a lot more you can do with the family at home. Don't let winter and snow stop you from having fun! Spending quality time together doesn't have to mean spending money at all.

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Frugal Family Fun In The Winter Season

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