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How to Be Gorgeous on a Budget

by Paul Sanders
November 10, 2009
Whenever the word beauty comes to mind, you tend to think about sexy runway models donning the latest designer clothes, gorgeous women in bikinis posing for beer ads, and your favorite female celebrity who never seems to have wrinkles or droopy eyelids. These thoughts usually come with an endless list of expensive cosmetics, posh skin care lines, costly hair dyes, choice mascaras, overpriced wellness products, and dental enhancement kits.

However, staying beautiful doesn't mean emptying your bank account. There are simple and economical ways that will surely help keep you attractive as much as possible without putting up with ridiculously-priced specialty items. Below you will find helpful tips and suggestions guaranteed to help you stay beautiful on a budget:

1. They don't call it beauty rest for nothing. Make sure you regularly get eight to ten hours' sleep daily to do away with baggy eyes and a pasty complexion. This way, you won't have to spend on costly eye-bag concealers, as well as give your body ample time to naturally produce an overall radiant skin glow at the same time.

2. Cheaper is better. Avoid splurging on top-shelf beauty products. Believe it or not, the ones sold in swanky boutiques are usually made with the same ingredients as your corner drugstore varieties. Even though the high-end brands have the privilege of prime advertising, it doesn't mean that their more affordable counterparts are not as effective.

3. Remember to eat right and exercise regularly. Letting yourself go on an unhealthy diet regimen can leave you in poor shape, so better stock up on more nutritious options like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, cheeses and similar foodstuffs. Go for organic. They are cheaper and much healthier, too. Similarly, make sure you exercise at least half an hour daily, preferably outdoors, to help keep your bones and muscles in optimum condition - and also get a natural tan in the process.

4. Take advantage of free samples. Free samples can be found almost everywhere. Whether in your local mall, community recreation center, or even in the promos and special ads page on your local daily, you can get your hands on beauty products like lotions, sunscreens, teeth whitening kits, and blackhead removers at absolutely no cost.

5. Keep your beauty stash minimal. Remember that you don't have to own a heap of beauty products that could rival your local salon just to stay beautiful. Most beauty and budget experts recommend that you only need to have a steady supply of exfoliating cleansers, therapeutic night creams, as well as a sunscreen and moisturizer combo, and you're definitely good to go.

6. Use the Internet as a guide. Besides being mostly cost-free, the worldwide web is the largest possible beauty directory that you can use. Whether you are shopping for excellent products or simply browsing for great beauty tips, the Internet is one superb guide. On the other hand, have you always dreamt of getting your hands on the finest beauty products without pushing your finances off-track? Smart Coupons gives you access to its top-notch selection of the latest and newest skin care goods, shampoos, cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers, hair care items, and soaps without overspending. Staying beautiful and keeping your budget in good shape at the same time has never been this easy!

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How to Be Gorgeous on a Budget

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