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How to Extend the Life of Your Watch Without Spending a Dime

by Paul Sanders
December 02, 2009
Apart from its superb aesthetic value, that elegant watch of yours is truly a mechanical wonder: a standard timepiece is composed of hundreds of minute parts all working in unison to give you the precise time of day or night whenever you please. Isn't that an example of extraordinary engineering or what?

Just like any other mechanical contraption, your watch requires regular maintenance servicing to function as smoothly and accurately as possible. While the assistance of a professional is needed to handle the technical aspects of your timepiece, there are a lot of things you can do to help keep your watch working stylishly for many years to come.

Below you will find helpful tips and pointers on how to keep your watch looking and running like new for decades without having to spend a ton. With these suggestions, you're sure to definitely enjoy your beloved timepiece without putting up with steep prices that can surely empty your bank account sooner or later:

  1. Make sure you take off your watch when engaged in contact sports or performing physically-oriented indoor or outdoor activities that involve elements that can potentially harm your timepiece, such as gardening, woodworking and welding. Although there are watches specially manufactured to handle this kind of punishment, don't risk yours from losing its timeless look due to unwanted scratches and dents.

  2. Avoid winding your watch when you have already worn it. Most mechanical timepieces have a couple of central gears located underneath the clock face that require ample room to spin properly. As the watch settles on your forearm, there is a pressure exerted by the top of your wrist that reduces the distance between these gears, without essentially putting your timepiece in any kind of danger. However, the more you wind your watch while it is settled on your arm, the higher the risk of these components colliding into each other.

  3. Forget about buying expensive cleaner brands and metal rejuvenation formulas to help keep your timepiece's sheen and luster good as new. A good scrub between the links using ordinary dishwashing soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush can scrub any dirt, grime or lint that may have adhered to your watch.

  4. Protect your watch from places or devices that give off extreme temperatures like ovens, freezers and bonfires. Keep in mind to take yours off when setting up your grill for an afternoon barbecue get-together, getting ice cream from the chest freezer in the basement, or when roasting up some yummy marshmallow during a camp-out. You can either put your watch inside the special cloth pouch that it came with upon purchase or just store your unit inside a small bag to shield it from unnecessary damage and harmful elements.

  5. Air dry your watch in case it comes in contact with water or any liquid that can probably seep inside the inner mechanical workings of your unit and damage it. Never immediately wipe it off with a clean cloth to give the liquid enough time to move or dissipate, unless the liquid in question is either oil or acid.

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How to Extend the Life of Your Watch Without Spending a Dime

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