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How To Make Jewelry Last Longer

by Paul Sanders
November 09, 2009
Nothing makes an outfit even more stunning with a tasteful set of jewelry. From exquisite gemstones to precious metals, traditional ornaments like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings never fail to add elegance and flair to any occasion.

Apart from being a great addition to top off any apparel, jewelry pieces have been known to hold a very big impact on society in some of the most significant periods in history, which can still be observed in some cultures in our present era.

Like most natural materials, the metals and stones that make up your jewelry are prone to tarnishing, scratches, warping and rusting. Properly cared for, fine jewelry will last for years. Whether you've had your sparkly ornaments for a week or a decade, here are a few helpful tips and advice to keep them as shiny and durable as the day you bought them:

1. Stick to the first and last rule. Always remember to put on your jewelry last when dressing and taking them off first afterward. Ingredients in lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, and moisturizers can dull shiny gemstones, as well as induce tarnishing in precious metals.

2. Categorize, categorize, categorize. Set apart different pieces of jewelry when keeping them away. Aside from preventing gemstones from constantly colliding with each other, which can eventually result to irreparable splintering, storing your jewelry in individual soft cloth pouches preserves their natural polished finish.

3. Always ask for professional help. Drop in on your local jeweler to clean your pieces of jewelry every six months to a year. Besides immediately mending probable cracks and dulling, your jeweler can easily bring back any patina or the innate gleam of your gems and precious metals lost over time.

4. If it's not for showing them off, take them off. Keep in mind to remove your jewelry items when attending to house chores, engaging in outdoor activities, and when playing sports. Most gem mountings can be loosened with heavy, irregular movement, and metals, such as silver and gold, can easily warp when exposed to household chemicals like cleaners and solvents.

5. Make it a point to buy quality jewelry. Cheap jewelry is not good and good jewelry is not cheap. Remember to only get the finest pieces as much as possible. Short on funds? You can get access to the best jewelry available with Smart Coupons. Whether you are a fan of trinkets, bracelets, necklaces, charms, pendants, earrings, anklets, and rings, you are guaranteed to get your hands on superb jewelry items without breaking your budget with Smart Coupons. Now, who says being elegant requires putting up with ridiculously-steep prices?

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How To Make Jewelry Last Longer

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