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How to Save by Avoiding Restaurants

by Gabby Dell
February 17, 2010
Nowadays many of us are so busy with work to even sit down and eat. Our meals are usually carryout orders or fast food deliveries. We eat outside, and sometime we even eat in the car while on the road, so often that we havenâ€TMt used the dining table for a long time. Family gatherings are not spent at home, eating home-cooked meals. Instead, we all go to a restaurant nearby and just order.

Thereâ€TMs nothing wrong with eating out, really. But have we realized how much of our money goes into eating out? Even if, say, our meals consist of cheap fast food, but if we eat out five times a week, thatâ€TMs a lot of money. We should learn how to save, and the first step to that is by avoiding restaurants.

But how do we avoid restaurants so we could save money? Here are a few tips.

Start cooking. You donâ€TMt have to cook really complicated meals. If you donâ€TMt have much time for the kitchen during weekdays, you can cook meals in the weekend and then freeze it. That way, you can reheat it later.

Learn how to cook. If you donâ€TMt know how to cook, learn it. Cooking isnâ€TMt as complicated as you might think. And if you get the hang of it, you can even have fun while cooking. Start with simple recipesâ€"fried chicken, mashed potatoes, or stir-fried vegetables. Once you know the basics of cooking, it will be easier to learn the more difficult recipes.

Buy your own groceries. Itâ€TMs easier to cook when you know whatâ€TMs in your pantry. You could also save if you have grocery coupons. Grocery coupons can be found in magazines and newspapers, and they can be a huge money saver.

Make a menu at home. Planning ahead makes buying food ingredients and cooking easier. It will also save you time; you donâ€TMt have to decide at the last minute what you will cook for weekend.

Bring a list when you go to the market or grocery. If you make a menu at home, you should also make a shopping list. You can save more money and more time if you know exactly what food items you need.

Ask your family and friends about their favorite food. During family meals or gatherings with friends, cook or prepare their favorite food. They will surely appreciate your effort.

Make family lunches and dinners a tradition. You should encourage your family to participate in family lunches or dinners during birthdays and other special events. Or if you have enough time, you can sit down for meals once a week or twice a month at least. The important thing is to make your family comfortable with eating together. Family meals are also great for communication, and it will make your relationships stronger.

If you canâ€TMt really avoid restaurants, save with restaurant coupons. It may not be practical at first to completely avoid eating out and ordering out. But you have to start learning how to save. You can save if you have restaurant coupons. These can be found as promo ads in newspapers or on the internet. You can also save with coupon codes that you can find online, if you often order fast food through the internet.

With these simple ways, we can save more money. Also, eating at home promotes good family relationships and healthy eating habits. Itâ€TMs easier to eat healthy when youâ€TMre far away from fast food restaurants. Itâ€TMs also easier to learn to eat healthy when you know how to cook.

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How to Save by Avoiding Restaurants

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