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Who Needs Inexpesive Ideas For A Winter Romance?

by Paul Sanders
January 18, 2010
Because love knows no season, it's imperative that you don't stop showing your special someone how much they mean to you. There are ways to show your love all year round, but winter is most especially a time that romance shouldn't be cooped up, stuck at home waiting for the blizzard of snow to die down. Here are tips to keep the flame alive even in the coldest of seasons:

1. The best things in life are always free, so start with quality time snuggling with your partner over a hot cocoa on a cold day. Nothing warms the heart more than each other's warmth and a steaming cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Some couples make their winter quality time even more romantic by staying warm by the fireplace, dishing a cool glass of wine and some appetizers just for two.

2. When the holidays come, there is always that one place in your area that is filled with houses alight with holiday decors and astounding lights. Most of them go crazy with decors and try to one up each other and its always a great place to visit. If it's not too snowy in your area, visit a local park that's decorated for the holidays and take a romantic stroll under the whimsical lights.

3. When you find that there's too much snow to go anywhere in the city, then it's time for some fun around your yard. One of the fun things to do in winter is to play with snow. Wear the warmest layers of clothing and get ready to build a snowman with your loved one. Or, you can try to find a good, sloping hill and get ready to have some fun time with some sledding. It's a great way to bring out the kid in each other.

4. Ice skating is also a great way to spend quality time. If you both don't know how to skate, all the merrier as you try to help each other stay on your feet. Find a local skating rink and have a fun night together. After skating, you both might to warm up with a little cup of hot coffee. Coffee shops are great at this time of season as it is one place that's sure to warm your bones with their comfy chairs, hot beverages and great conversation with your partner.

5. The ultimate romantic getaway is a room for two at a cozy inn or a sweet bed and breakfast establishment. This is one of the best ways that both of you can truly be alone together, without thinking of the work, kids, and all other distractions. To make your stay cheap, book online and use discount coupons or promotional codes to save on accommodation yet get the best out of your overnight stay!

6. For the adventurous couple, there's a new thing in town called "Bikram' a yoga style that is commonly known as "Hot Yoga". It is an exciting way to spend time together and get your body hot, as it is an ancient Ayurvedic form of exercise with a twist. The room is heated to exactly 37° C or 100° F. "Hot Yoga" not only keep your body temperature up, it helps in strengthening and toning the muscles all over the body. You and your partner are assured to have an amazing time.

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Who Needs Inexpesive Ideas For A Winter Romance?

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