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Trash To Cash: Make Money from Household Clutter

by Sara Westbrook
December 14, 2009
Most people start with very little furniture, some appliances, and plenty of clothes and shoes. But as time goes by, all these things pile up little by little, and we find that several years down the road, we have more stuff than we could possibly use! There are homeowners who haven't curbed their appetite for buying stuff that they end up having to sacrifice order in our house just to fit all the stuff they own. There are people who are surprised at the amount of clutter that goes unused in their closet, kitchen, garage and in the attic.

All that stuff not only seems to clutter up the home, but it seems to have an effect of disorganization in one's mind, too. Would you ever have peace of mind in a room that's in a whole lot of mess?

1. Do deep Purging. There might be one room in the house that you store all your unused junk. It sometimes keeps you wondering how those stuff end up there and keep up piling over time, like subscription magazines that you didn't take the time to get to the recycling center, some unused equipments like ironing boards, huge luggage, extra furniture, toys that your kids grew out of, and more. Sort all the stuff inside there and purge the "useable" from the "unwanted and the" this-needs-to-go".

2. There are stuff there that you might be a little apprehensive about throwing in the this-needs-to-go bin, but its important to focus and remind yourself that if you haven't taken it out in at least a year, you probably don't need it as much as you think. That goes for appliances stored for years, books that have gone dusty in their shelves, clothes and shoes you haven't worn and the like.

3. Somewhere in the midst of the clutter you will find some sentimental things that you will have to determine if it's worth keeping and storing or should you opt to sell it off along with the other unnecessary stuff. For example, if you have a collection of dolls or stuffed toys or a whole range of video game cartridges. It might bring you more money if you sell it. There are other collectors out there that will thank you for it!

4. Make it a point to scan your own room for stuff that you can still sell off. Clothes from the previous years you haven't worn since, shoes that have gone out of style, along with bags, belts, thick sweaters, scarves and the like. Most people find that clothes are very tedious to sell. There is the option of donating it to a good charity who may have use for those things. Let your apparel and accessories find homes in Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

5. When you've organize the clutter, it's a good time to sort it out and try to convert useless stuff into fast cash. If you're into the hands-on approach, you can try for a garage sale or a yard sale to sell your things. You never know which of your neighbors might want back issue magazines, Beanie Babies collection, books and shelves. Another popular way is to sell or auction it off on Ebay or sell it to people who check out Craigslist.

This is what has constantly preached to its avid readers: "Money out of your clutter and crap". There are other finance gurus out there that promote the campaign to take control of their finances and getting out of debt by using their resourcefulness to bring in a source of income by selling off all their unused and unwanted stuff.

It's also important to note that when you do acquire extra money from selling it all off, remember to keep a tight reign over spending it again on expensive items. If you do find the need to buy new things, make sure you get it at a cheap price by purchasing in bargain stores or using coupons for every purchase. Be careful of spending money on stuff that you probably will not use as much and will get rid of again in a couple of months.

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Trash To Cash: Make Money from Household Clutter

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