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Save by Making Simple Gifts and Collecting Coupon Codes

by Gabby Dell
February 08, 2010
Do you have an anniversary, birthday, or any event coming up, but you're having money troubles? Are you trying to rack your brains for a clever idea for a gift? Don't panic; it's easy to create your own gift. You just have to be a little thoughtful and creative. Best of all, making a gift will help you save money.

By creating your own gift for a loved one you don't have to go from store to store, looking for the perfect gift. Craft-making supplies are simple and inexpensive, and you can use ordinary materials that you can find at home. Making your own gift also means you can add personal touch to your present. No matter how inexpensive it is, a personalized gift will mean a lot to the person you gave your gift to.

However, in making a gift you have to make sure you have a lot of time for preparation. The process might take a lot of time, depending on the gift project that you're planning to do. But for simple gifts that won't take so much time, here are a few ideas:

Create a personalized picture frame

You don't have to learn how to cut wood and hammer a nail. You can buy a simple picture frame for a lesser price, if you have discount coupons or coupon codes. And then you can decorate it with cutouts, buttons, ribbons, and even paper-mâché. The options are endless; you just have to be creative.

Make a cell phone case or iPod case

This project requires at least basic sewing skills. If you want to try this project, you can find simple instructions on the internet. There are different kinds of cell phone and iPod cases--from star-shaped cases made from felt fabric to simple black or white ones. The good thing about this project is that you can personalize it. You can sew a monogram or a nickname, or add your loved one's favorite cartoon character on the front part of the case.

Cook or bake for your loved one

Home-made gifts are not limited to crafty projects. So why don't you cook a special meal for your loved one on his/her birthday? If you can bake, you can make mini-cakes or cookies. Why not make home-made pizza and organize a picnic-themed birthday party? Some people are too busy that they can't even sit down with their family during dinner time. A small get-together at home with your home-cooked meals can make an event special and memorable.

Create a photo mosaic or video montage

If you're a little bit artistic you can try making a customized artwork, such as a photo mosaic. You don't need to have good artistic sensibilities to be able to produce a simple artwork. For instance, a photo mosaic is not that difficult to do if you have a computer. Nowadays, there are softwares that can make photo mosaics. All you have to do is provide the images that you will use. A video montage can also be produced on a computer. Video montages are great for parties, like wedding parties and birthday parties. You can add background music while photos flash on the screen.

Compile his/her favorite songs and make a mix CD

This might not be practical since music has gone digital now. Everything can be searched online. But there are still a few people who will appreciate a mix CD. These are people who do not download music from the internet and those who are not internet-savvy. To make this gift more personal, make your own cover design for the CD.

These are just a few gift ideas. Surely, there are more ideas out there that you can think of. The point of making your own gift is to realize that an expensive gift does not automatically mean the perfect gift. You don't have to give something so luxurious to show a person your appreciation. There's no need for you to search high and low for the "perfect" gift.

Instead, you can make simple things. You can even make a gift by buying something cheap with coupons. The most important thing about gift-giving is the thought behind the action. As they say, it's the thought that counts.

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Save by Making Simple Gifts and Collecting Coupon Codes

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