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Saving for Your Bundle of Joy! Frugal Tips for New Parents

by Sara Westbrook
December 19, 2009
A newborn is the light of one's life and an amazing miracle, bringing the parents the fulfillment they need to be a complete family. New parents are aware that they need to provide for their new member of the family, ensuring that everything that the baby needs are met, from birth onwards. The baby's basic need for food, clothing, baby furniture and medicine could have a huge effect on your financial situation. You need all the help you can to stretch your dollars. Here are some tips to keep frugal and save money:

1. When it comes to diapers, there is always a debate between cloth diapers or the disposable kind. Parents have their own reasons why they choose one over the other, or chose to use both. Cloth diapers have come back in a huge way, as they are considered as a frugal item compared to disposable ones. Comparing the two reveals their strengths and weaknesses. The cloth's advantage is that it can be reused, therefore saving you a lot of money from buying packs over and over again, and it is more eco-friendly considering that you don't throw it away after use. All the while, disposable diapers are still an essential item for baby care. It's convenient compared to cloth, because once the baby makes a mess, they dry up fast and can still be worn by the baby. Compared to cloth, you don't have to wash and dry the disposable diapers, which means less water consumption and no effort in washing involved. It's up to the parents to decide which one is better for their lifestyle.

2. For baby care accessories, its important that you get high-quality materials for a good price. There are blankets and little pillows that might tempt you to buy for your newborn, but these are quite expensive, especially those that use high-end fabrics. Remember that all your baby needs is a sturdy but very soft fabric for his or her receiving blanket, a high price tag doesn't matter for the baby. If you'd like to save, you can make your own blanket out of flannel or other soft fabrics. Learn the basics of sewing, quilting or crocheting. You will be surprised at what you can make with your resourcefulness!

3. Stop any desire to indulge in baby items that are unnecessarily expensive. This is the time when you should be saving up for more important items like the baby's medical budget and his/her education. You don't need expensive baby bottles, as a regular one will do. There are even designer clothing and shoes for the baby, which really boggles the mind. Note that babies don't really care for brand names, as long as you put them in soft, warm clothing that's all that matters. The same with shoes, too. Remember also that babies grow at an alarming rate, and they will most definitely grow out of their apparel pretty soon.

4. Save money by buying generic brands. Generic products have the same quality as one with a brand name, but they cost very much less compared to their counterparts. Shop with great promotional coupons When it comes to diapers, food, baby wipes, and even medicines, generic brands will often do. It is not of lesser quality, and it saves you a lot of money in the end.

5. Get insurance for the family and college funding for your little one as early as possible. The importance of health care will be felt when one is faced with medical needs that require a lot of money. Do get the best possible health insurance plan with a great coverage for each member of the family. It's never too early to start saving up for your children's future. Open a savings account or do time deposits either in your name or in your baby's name. Tell your relatives to help out by giving gifts in monetary form and depositing it in the baby's account. A little goes a long way!

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Saving for Your Bundle of Joy! Frugal Tips for New Parents

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