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The Art of Regifting

by Sara Westbrook
December 23, 2009
Regifting is nothing new. You've probably resorted to employing this sneaky way to save on money during the holidays and get some much needed space from all the unwanted gifts you've accumulated over the years.

There is a stigma that follows regifting: that it is tasteless and tacky, and worst of all, there are those who look down at people who are doing regifting, calling them cheapskates. That's why even though we all would like to put to use those gifts that aren't of use to us, the stigma keeps us back.

There are many reasons why all of us should promote regifting, as it is just one of the movements to encourage being eco-friendly by "recycling" the gifts we received, and more importantly it keeps us from spending way too much during the holidays when it comes to shopping for gifts.

It's not that it's all bad, but there has to be a lot of guidelines and ground rules to do regifting in the most charming way possible.

What to watch out for:

1. Always remember who gave you what. The most humiliating mistake that most newbies to regifting do is to end up giving the gift back to the person who gave the gift. How terrible would that be? It's a regifting faux pas!

2. Never give the gift to someone else in the same state as you received it. Meaning that you should at least update the Christmas wrapper, card or tags and the ribbons. It would be too gross to give a gift that looks old, or is yellowed and wrinkled.

3. Check the package's content and be on the look out for personal messages that comes with the stuff inside, like an extra letter or a small note. It is most especially important that you don't regift personalized items that was made for you, like a mug with your face on it, or set of handkerchief with your initials monogrammed on it.

4. Regift items are not equivalent to hand me down items. The difference between the two is the former has NEVER been used by you or anyone else, while the later means quite the opposite. It is absolutely a big no to give someone a hand me down item and make it pass as a newly-bought gift. If there are stuff around the house that needs to go, what you can do is to give it as donations to charity. Its one way of reaching out to those who are unfortunate during the season of giving.

5. Finally, never stop being thoughtful of the one you're giving the gifts to, and don't just regift just for the sake of throwing unused items at someone else. It connotes a failure in understanding what the essence of giving is. Make sure that what you're giving to someone is something he/she will enjoy and will be happy in receiving. DO keep mum about regifting. Don't bring it up. Unless asked directly, then by all means be honest and let the receiver know.

There's nothing cheaper than something free, or so we'd like to think. There are ways to save on gift giving this season and using online discount coupons for your purchases is one of them, but if you'd like to stretch a bit, then regifting may just be for you. It is a way to keep from feeling the credit crunch after the holidays are over

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The Art of Regifting

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