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Travel Cheap Now! Budgeting Tips for Vacations

by Sara Westbrook
December 12, 2009
Planning to go somewhere for a much needed rest and relaxation? That's just the very thing for stressed people and those that need a break from daily life. What's hard about vacations is you have to have money first and foremost. No matter how much you need that time off to bask in the tropical sun and enjoy the sun and sand, you have to make sure you have money first.

As much as possible, you have to have more than the amount needed for airfare and accommodations. There's the issue of food, transportation, pocket money and more importantly, an emergency fund just in case.

Here are surefire ways to get the most out of your vacation plans:

  1. You have to have money saved up for at least 6 months if you have a big travel itinerary in mind. Determine or approximate the basics: airfare, airport and baggage fees, accommodation and food, travel and land transportation.

  2. Pay all that is needed with cash and not with credit cards or loaned money. The moment that you get back from your amazing vacation, you will be greeted with piling interest and fees. What a pain, right? Get peace of mind by the time you come back instead of headaches with the thought of having to pay off debts.

  3. Compare prices. From airlines to hotels, its important that you get the cheapest price for good service. Check out the season's offers from travel agencies and airline booking offices.

  4. Get feedback from other people, like your friends, co-workers or relatives if they've availed of services from specific airlines or hotels. Ask for advice from their personal experiences. Take note of the good and bad reviews, take heed of it.

  5. Opt to book online. You don't need waste time, effort and gas to go to the airline office or to the travel agency's office anymore. With just a click of a button you'll be able to book your flight and accomodation from home. Try, one of the most popular travel-related sites, or go visit websites of travel agencies and airlines if you want. If you know of any travel discount codes for those specific websites then use them to their fullest advantage.

  6. Try to be as resourceful and frugal as possible. Clip coupons for several attraction that you're likely to visit during your vacation. There are almost always coupon for museums, amusement events and even zoos that you can save so you can use them when the time is right.

  7. Pack Light. There are airlines who are dropping 5%-10% off if you're only carrying bags below the allowable limit. Bringing in more luggage can mean that the airline can charge you extra for those that goes above the limit.

    Budgeting is extremely critical as this makes or breaks your vacation. You don't want to end up running out of money when you're already enjoying your vacation in a far-off place. Vacation is a time to be happy! Remove all money worries by planning ahead and being practical and frugal.

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Travel Cheap Now! Budgeting Tips for Vacations

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