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Tried and True Ways to Stretch Your Dollars

by Sara Westbrook
December 16, 2009
The economic downturn that the country has experienced recently has taught us to become very careful with our finances. Families have lost control of their financial situation and found themselves reeling from the blow.

People have cleaned up their act when it comes to managing their personal finances. The era of frugality has come and the act of stretching dollars is something we all are learning and striving to apply in our daily life.

What are the best ways to stretch your dollars?

1. Make the stuff that you own last longer. The mattresses that you use every night would more likely last longer if you know how to take care of it. It needs to be aired and turned at least once a month. Keep your cellphone battery longer by turning it off when you're sleeping or when you're at a place where there is poor reception. When you have carpets in the house, make sure that they are aired once a month, keep it clean and dirt free by vaccuming once a week. Learn more tips from various online resources like Frugal-Living-Tips and

2. Keep your electricity bill at an all time low by making sure that you're not wasting electricity. Keep rooms well heated or cooled by ensuring that the air ducts are properly closed and the windows and doors are sealed, a big energy waster is heating system having to keep up in warming the room when cold air seeps inside. Same goes for cooling system and the hot temperature seeping in from outside. If you're on the market for a refrigerators and other electronics, make sure that they are 100% energy efficient! You can check their labels and also dig some research to compare which is the best brand that features energy-friendly technologies.

3. When it comes to food, priority should be storage. Most food stuff has limited shelf life and expiry date. Learn the basic of food storage and you're well on your way to save it from rotting or going bad. Find out which food goes where. For starters, its important to keep fruits and veggies away from each other. Fruits have properties that can rot food more easily, as it has ethylene. Learn which kinds should be kept inside the refrigerator--ripe bananas, grains--And those which should just be stored in the drawers--citrusy fruits, squash, beans, and potatoes.

4. Learn how to cook the best food yourself. No, this doesn't mean that you go out and enroll in an expensive cooking school to learn French cuisine. This means learning intermediate-level cooking that goes way beyond frying and slapping some meat on the girll. Learn how to sautee vegetables with delightful herbs to keep the flavor interesting, find out how to make the best tasting crab soup that you really like, or find out how your favorite restaurant whip your favorite salmon dish and learn to make your own version of it. The more you know how to make your own amazing dish, the less likely are you going to be tempted to eat out and bust your budget! It also racks up major points for you if you have your own specialty dish that friends and family would love to eat.

5. Stretch your dollars by opting to buy used or second hand than brand new! Flea markets and garage sales are now a popular event everywhere! There are stuff being offered in these little gatherings that you need and you don't have to pay the full price, too! If you do need some stuff at stores, be frugal by using promotional coupons to save up more money. The more discounts you get, the more money earned!

The new era of Frugality has come and it sure is going to stay. Now that there are movements to uphold financial independence and stability, people are learning from their mistakes and doing everything that they can to save.

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Tried and True Ways to Stretch Your Dollars

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