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Use Your Car, Your TV, and Online Coupons to Save $400 a Month

by Susan Armand
October 31, 2009
Good news is abundant for savvy shoppers, as there is always opportunity to better manage your money. By taking simple steps, like using online coupons, promo codes, and coupon codes, you can save money and make better shopping decisions.

Consider this: If you spend $100 a week on groceries, you spend up to $5,200 a year on groceries. If you save 10% by using coupons, your grocery savings adds up to $520 a year. Over 10 years, you will save $5,200.

Saving money does not have to be limited to grocery shopping. Saving money applies to all purchases, and simply requires a few behavioral changes. These changes can be made immediately, and can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

  • Keep All Your Coupons In the Car - Keep coupons handy. It's easier to run to the car to collect your coupons, than it is to drive home.

  • Make a List - Lists are the Golden Rule when saving money. Don't leave the house without a grocery or shopping list. Your list will prevent you from making costly impulse purchases. Your list will also help you save gas money by reducing the number of trips to the store.

  • Try Online Coupon Codes - Coupon codes, otherwise known as online coupons, are the online shoppers dream. Always check for online coupons prior to making online purchases. Online coupon codes can be applied to electronic purchases, airline ticket purchases, and holiday purchases. Dell offers great online promo codes, which can be applied at the time of purchase. For example, a $100 promo code applied to a $995 purchase at Dell, reduces your purchase price by 10%. That's another $100 in your pocket!

  • Make TV Time More Productive - Keep your hands busy while you relax. Clip coupons while you watch your favorite sitcom on TV. 30 minutes of coupon clipping could end up saving you $30.

  • Use Food Before It Expires - Throwing away food before it expires is equivalent to paying double for an item. Pay attention to expiration dates. Mark cans with a magic marker to keep dates visible.

  • Keep Your Receipts - Retailers may mark merchandise on sale after you purchase an item. Hold on to receipts so that you can obtain credit for the sale price.

  • Buy Gifts Before You Need Them - Keep a box of gift items handy. The best time to buy items is at the end of the season. Seasonal items (like beach towels, beach bags, hats, scarves, vests, etc.) are marked down 50 - 70% at the end of the season.

  • Place Online Orders In Advance - Avoid expedited shipping costs. Last minute orders may triple your shipping costs. Plan ahead and save 60 - 70% on your online purchases by using standard shipping.

Simple changes add up. By using getting organized, using online coupons, planning ahead, and following the simple tips listed above, shoppers can easily save hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands of dollars a year.

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Use Your Car, Your TV, and Online Coupons to Save $400 a Month

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