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Taking Care of Flowers with coupon codes

By Allison Jada
April 18, 2012

Women love flowers, no matter how much they say that they don't. Giving and receiving flowers is rather

important especially when it comes to courtship. Now, there are times that the flowers aren't fresh anymore

that it will require for you to give it some tender, loving care. href=""> coupon codes have

provided a step by step instructions on how you should care for your flowers at home.

Step 1: Prepare a mixture of warm water and flower food packet and then mix it with 2 tablespoons of lemon

juice in it plus a tablespoon of sugar with every quart of water you pour into the mixture.

Step 2: Find a vase and fill it with

the solution you made up until it's almost full. Stop filling the vase once you reach 2 inches from the rim.

Step 3: Get your flowers. Remove all the leaves that may fall into the vase and might make your vase look


Step 4: Cut the stem at an angle at about 1/2 inch from the tip.

Step 5: Put the flowers in the vase and then display it somewhere cool and should be away from direct sunlight

so it won't wilt right away.

Step 6: Clean the vase and change the solution once every two days so the flower will maintain its freshness.

These steps coupon codes gave won't assure you that your flowers will live for a long, long

time but it does assure you that your flowers will live longer than it is meant to live. Here are some

additional pointers for some specific species:

For roses: When shipping companies deliver roses, they have this guard petals that protect the flower.

Removing this before placing them inside the vase to make the flower bloom fully.

For lilies: Lilies will bloom longer than other flowers so don't fret when it is taking too long to bloom. coupon codes have given you great tips to help you prolong your flowers' life. You can even

try doing this for other plants, just in case it works.

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