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Body Candy provides body jewelry for low prices. Some of Body Candy's jewelries include belly rings, tongue rings, eyebrow rings, toe rings, in addition to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belt buckles, rings, beauty products, and apparel. Body Candy uses Solid 14k Gold, 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, and Solid Titanium in their jewelries, so customers can be assured that the jewelries are safe for body piercings. Get body jewelry with Body Candy promo codes. Make sure that you are getting safe, high quality jewelry. You can also avail of discounts with Body Candy promo codes.   All Body Candy coupon codes, Body Candy promotional codes, and Body Candy coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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The Art Of Safe Body Piercings From Body Candy Coupon Codes

By Summer Richards
June 16, 2011

If there's a thing called "eye candy" , what

do you say about "body candy" then? Well, the two words combined surely sounds great together, don't

you think? Body candies are jewelries and accessories that are worn or placed at certain parts of the human

body. Body candy comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles as well just like regular candy. Sweet things

for your body can be the regular jewelry such as earrings, bracelets and rings. Nonetheless, there are other

body candies made for different parts and piercings on the body such as the nose, tongue, toe, and belly.

Since people have made it possible to pierce different parts of the body, a lot have been a fan of body

piercings. But with piercings comes accessories and safety, and we have to admit that sanitary issues have

been the main concern with regards to body

piercings. So if you're planning to get body piercings, be sure of what body jewelry you use. Only trust

the expert when it comes to body jewelry for your safety and there's no better expert than Body Candy.

Body Candy is a company that sells all sorts of bod jewelry - from the regular to the unusual kinds. May it be

tongue rings, nose rings, belly button rings, and intimate piercing jewelry; Body Candy has the best and

certainly the safest kinds of body jewelry. The incredible part is that, the fine pieces offered by the

company are absolutely cheap when you use Body

Candy coupon codes for your purchases.

Do you want to get a part of your body pierced? Here are some tips for a right and safe body piercing :

1. In and out - scan the shop you're considering to get your body piercing at. This means checking both

the surroundings and inside the shop. Assess whether or not it's clean and safe to get a piece of your skin or

meat punctured. Remember, piercings are like wounds, so you better lessen its susceptibility to germs and


2. Real or quack? - be sure to know if the person who'd perform the piercing on your body should

actually be doing such. Take a quick scan of him/her; appearance, habits, and manners. Ask around and check in

with people about the shop and person who does the body piercing. Better yet, check if there's a license or

permit for the business and person to perform body piercings.

3. Clean and orderly - once you've decided on a shop, there's one more thing you should consider right

before the action. Make sure that the tool that will be used for the piercing and the jewelry you'd use on it

is kept in a clean and organized way. If you'd be pierced with needles, check that it is a new one and opened

in front of you. If it's a device, make sure that it is sanitized by boiling or with alcohol just before the piercing.

The tips above are just suggestions on what to consider before you get your body piercing, although it's still

your discretion. Just remember that the best way is the right and safe way, not only is that true in body

piercings but life in general. To be sure at all times trust

promotional coupons, for it's never straying from your side.

I never knew you could zero in on the most adorable jewelry and accessories at a touch of a button! I just

bought a gold ring with a silver inlay I've always wanted for years. Topped it off with a cool necklace to

wrap up my chic ensemble, too. Thank you, Smart Coupons. You've been really helpful. This, of course, means I

will be dropping by again soon to grab more stuff I love for less. Greetings from the Spa City!

Michelle Piper

Saratoga Springs, New York

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The Art Of Safe Body Piercings From Body Candy Coupon Codes

Body Candy Address:

Cybercartel International, Inc.
3840 East Robinson Road Suite 295
Amherst, New York 14228

Contact Body Candy:

(716) 650-2999

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