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Top Seven Tips How to Save on Books with Coupon Codes

By Gabby Dell
May 05, 2010

Booklovers can agree that books can be addictive. Indeed there a lot of people around the world who spend thousands of dollars on books and magazines every year, maybe even more. And why is this? Books and other reading materials are not just for learning, they are also for entertainment. There are books about very general topics, such as science, arts, languages, and geography, and very specific things, such as Spanish language, English desserts, DSLR cameras, and guitars. There are books on fiction and non-fiction and books for adults and children. Of all the things that people can collect, books are probably one of the most practical things.

But what if you want to save money but you just cannot give up collecting books? Well, here are seven ways.

Shop at bargain and second-hand book shops - You have no idea how many books are donated to second-hand book shops every year. These used books are usually in good condition, although you might find a book without a cover sold for a cheap price. If you don't mind used books, go at the nearest bargain book store and find a variety of book titles offered for very affordable prices.

Get free copies of literary classics online - Most well-known classic books that are being studied in schools can be found in Project Gutenberg ( And yes, you can access the site free. Currently Project Gutenberg has over 32,000 e-books that you can download.

Visit the library - If you want to read books and you do not have money, the best option is to visit your local library. Most towns and cities have public libraries. Or if you're still a student, go to your school library. You could get a free library card after presenting your ID. Some libraries require a library card fee, though. But no matter how much your library card fee costs, just imagine how many books you can have access to!

Share your books with others - This is another way for you to get to borrow books for free. If you have relatives or friends who also love and collect books, ask them if they want to borrow books from your collection. In return, you could borrow their books. Just remember to return your borrowed book on time.

Join a booklovers club or join online forums - Look for people who are also booklovers and form a club. Or find people who share your love for an author or book title. If you just cannot find a person who shares your favorite books, then go online. You can find a lot of fellow fans on forums and social networking sites. Often fans of the same authors share book recommendations and occasionally they swap books.

Download eBooks online - E-books can be downloaded to your PC, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and other portable gadgets. Although some e-books are free, most e-books can be downloaded for a price. But don't worry. With coupon codes, you can download your favorite book to your PC or portable device for less. You will get great discounts if you have promotional codes.

Join book swap or book exchange websites - Recently there have been many book swap websites that are getting popular all over the web. Some of them are,,, and Basically, users can swap their used books for other people's used books. Anyone in the world can register on the sites. Registration is free, and you earn credits or points if you send books, but it varies on different sites. You can find more details about book swap sites here.

With these tips, you can save while expanding your book collection. You get to read more books without having to spend a lot of money.

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