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How do Online Coupon and Promo Codes Work and Other Coupon – Related Questions

  1. What are "Online Coupons"?

    If you are familiar with coupon codes, discount codes or promotion codes that you use when you go shopping, then you will know what an online coupon is. The only difference between online coupons and coupon codes is that online coupons are only used for purchases on the internet. Many companies have taken advantage of the internet, since it offers low-cost advertising and marketing. Nowadays, there are many retailers that operate in real stores as well as online. However, there are also retailers that operate exclusively on the internet. Customers can get free online coupons by visiting various coupon websites, such as Smart Coupons. Smart Coupons does not create online coupons. Instead, we collect coupons from various stores and offer it to customers online.

  2. How do I use online coupons? I'm not sure what to do.

    It's easy to use online coupons. Often in coupon sites, you will see links that say, $5 off, $10 coupon, Free Shipping Coupon, and Clearance. What you just have to do is click on the link, for example, the Free Shipping Coupon, and then shop at the retailer/merchant's site. The merchant site would then ask you to provide the coupon code during checkout. Usually merchant sites ask for a coupon code to help their customers save, and it is also a way to make the customers come back to the store. If the merchant site does not ask for a coupon code, that means you would not get a discount. Also, if you enter the wrong coupon code the merchant store might not give you a discount or it might give you the wrong discount. So make sure you are entering the right code, and also verify your discount before finalizing your order.

  3. What are "Printable Coupons"?

    Since many retailers operate in both online stores and physical brick-and-mortar stores, sometimes coupon codes can be valid in both kind of stores. There are also online coupons that are only valid when printed and used in physical stores. These coupons are called printable coupons. Smart Coupons provides printable coupons that can be used in grocery stores, drugstores, and others.

  4. Online coupon versus newspaper coupons. What's the difference?

    Online coupons and newspaper coupons are different by the way customers can get them. You still have to buy newspapers and magazines to get the traditional kind of coupons, and then you have to cut them out. But online coupons can be obtained much faster, because you do not have to buy anything. You just go to a coupon site, search your favorite merchant store, and choose the discount you want.
    If you are looking for coupon codes that you can use in groceries/supermarkets, you can actually save more by going online and checking the Smart Coupons site and also checking the newspaper. The coupon codes that Smart Coupons offer are usually different from the coupons on newspapers. You get to save more if you collect more coupons.

  5. What is a "coupon code"? What is a "promo code"?

    A coupon code and promo code are basically the same. Online stores may ask you for a coupon code or a promo code when you are purchasing something. Sometimes an online store may even ask for a discount code. Coupon codes, promo codes, and discount codes are the same; they are codes that tell the merchant/store that you ought to get a particular discount. These codes can be found in newspapers and magazines, but also through coupon websites online, such as Smart Coupons.

  6. Please look at the diagram below that shows how to use a coupon code.

    • Copy the coupon code from
    • Go to the store site and click on the discount link
    • Start shopping. During checkout enter the coupon code.
    • Review the order summary before finalizing your order.

  7. Are the coupons free?

    Yes, they are free. Online coupons are just like traditional coupons that you get on newspapers and magazines, and they are all free. These coupons are not created by coupon sites, but instead they come straight from the merchant stores and manufacturers. Why do they offer this for free? Well, coupon codes are mainly for promoting products and stores. Since they are offering discounts, they can get more customers. And while coupon codes advertise stores and products, they also help customers save money.

  8. How long are the coupons or promo codes valid?

    Coupon codes are usually valid for up to six weeks. Often online coupons have an expiration date that is listed on the coupon site. However, sometimes the manufacturer or the merchant store has a distribution limit for the coupon codes. For example, the manufacturer has given away 100 coupon codes. The manufacturer might decide to have the coupons valid for only a few weeks. If you want to make sure that you are not missing out on any new coupons, you can check coupon sites often and sign up for their alert emails.

  9. Can discounts be combined?

    It depends on the merchant store. It is preferable to read their guidelines first for any details on combining coupon codes. Usually, though, you are only able to use one coupon code per transaction/order. You can also use a coupon code for multiple orders. Coupons can be used during discount sales and clearance sales as well.

  10. Why should I use coupons from Smart Coupons? Are they better? Do they offer better deals?

    Smart Coupons has a relationship with more than 30,000 stores, and we add more stores every day. We update our coupons around the clock, Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year. We work hard to find offers that are relevant to day-to-day living. Many of our offers cannot be found in print or on other coupon sites. This is our job. We are committed wholeheartedly to finding the best deals on a daily basis.

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