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Gap Adventures was launched in 1990 by travel guru Bruce Poon
Tip. He hope to find other travellers looking for unique,
sustainable travel adventures. Gap Adventures now employs more
than 700 people offers 1,000+ small group experiences, tours,
safaris and expeditions. Gap Adentures offers trips on all
seven continents, and the unique journeys are enjoyed by more
than 100,000 travellers each year.

Use Gap Adventures promo codes and Gap Adventures coupon codes to save on your next safari, expedition, group tour, or overseas journey. Coupons for Gap Adventures change often, so check back for the best deals on travel!  All GAP ADVENTURES coupon codes, GAP ADVENTURES promotional codes, and GAP ADVENTURES coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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Before my husband and I got married, we were both free
spirits who loved nature, adventure and excitement. We were
both in fear that marriage may mark an end to the exquisite
days of us living limitless and spontaneously.

Our fears was put to rest when we found out about Gap
Adventures, an organization that has all kinds of thrills we
could want at great affordable prices. We spent our
honeymoon in Thailand, celebrated our first Valentine’s day
as husband and wife in France, my birthday and his in Rome
and Greece respectively and we’ll be spending our
anniversary in Japan weeks from now.

With Gap Adventures coupon codes, I guess there is no
stopping the exciting things we can do, no limit to what
countries we may travel and no one from our own family gets
left behind for any trip. Gap Adventures, eight thumbs up to

The Cruz Family
Margaret, Anthony, Matty and Baby
Springfield, MO


19 Charlotte Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2H5


888 800 4100
Customer Support

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