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Since 1994, Clubs of America's Gift of the Month Club offers the unique opportunity to give a year-round gift. Gift categories include Beer of the Month Club, Wine of the Month Club, Cigar of the Month Club, Coffee of the Month Club, Pizza of the Month Club, and more. With no membership fees, satisfaction is guaranteed, and payments can be made in easy installments.Save on your next Gift of the Month Club through Clubs of America by using online coupons, coupon codes, promo codes, and discount codes. Take advantage of discount codes and coupon codes for your next Gift of the Month Club purchase.  All GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupon codes, GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS promotional codes, and GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS Wine of the month club - Free shipping
Wine of the month club. Free shipping on all orders.

Picking Out a Gift for the Kids with GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupon codes

By Allison Jada
April 17, 2012

Don't you just love how kids enjoy even the simplest of gifts? They are grateful even if all you give them is

just a bag of pencils and a sketch pad. It won't even mind if they aren't really into the arts. They'll thank

you and use your gift anyway. Of course, you'd want to give them something age and skills-appropriate so you

can help them enhance their gifts. GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupon codes will not only help you decide, they will also help you

save up on your purchase.

Now that you know how to save up on your purchase, you can now start with the hard part: Choosing the perfect

gift. Yes, kids will be grateful with whatever you give them but of course, there's nothing more fulfilling

than giving someone a gift that they truly want. Here are some guidelines you can use when buying a gift for a


1. Ask the parents about what the kid is interested about. If it is your child, you can observe their day-to-

day activities to know what their interests are.

2. Simple gifts are the best for kids. No gaming

consoles or little parts that require assembly. More often than not, simple gifts such as clays, sands and

a couple of markers will help them with their creativity.

3. You can also opt for fun, educational toys that they can play and learn from at the same time. Audio books,

building blocks and books will help the

kid become well-rounded.

4. Pretend play toys are for kids who are highly imaginative. Kitchen sets, toy tool box sets and shopping

carts will also help them develop the sense of responsibility.

5. Every child will be able to appreciate food as gifts. You can give them a huge box of chocolates and they'd gladly take it, sit on

the corner and munch away. You can use GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupon codes when you purchase the chocolates

for a more affordable price.

Some of the tips are also applicable if you are giving gifts to adults because when you think about it,

everyone is a kid at heart. Best of all, you can use GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupon codes to save up on gift

expenses all year round. Gift giving has never been this fun.

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Picking Out a Gift for the Kids with GIFT-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUBS coupon codes


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