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Holidays - Halloween Promotional Codes, Coupon Codes and Coupons

Are you a connoisseur of great costumes? Do you always want to get the best outfit there is without spending half your bank account? Smart Coupons is for you! Whether you fancy a spooky Dracula ensemble, or a ghastly ghoul attire, we’ve got them all covered minus the terrifyingly steep prices. So are you in the mood to become this Halloween’s star without blowing half of your bank account?
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How to Celebrate Halloween With Your New Baby For Less With Costume Kingdom Promo Deals

By Moira Stevens
October 20, 2010

Your new baby's first Halloween can be very exciting for the whole family. Besides dressing him or her up in a spooky garb for the very first time, experiencing the joy of the festivities through the eyes of an infant can be quite a rewarding affair for both parents.

Looking for helpful ideas that will guide you when your new child's very first Halloween rolls around? While your little angel might be very young to do a bit of trick-or-treating, here are a few tips and tricks that will surely take your know-how up a notch without overspending even a single dime:

  • You can't celebrate Halloween without a costume. A big chunk of the fun involved in celebrating the occasion with your new baby is in selecting a costume. Whether you're opting for a scary look as a pint-sized vampire or a cute garb as a carefree cherub, make sure you always check if your baby's costume is super comfortable before whipping out your wallet. Bad costumes can instantly ruin your child's first Halloween and you don't want that, do you? Why not use Costume Kingdom promo deals instead to get the best deals on the hottest baby costumes these days?

  • Throw a Halloween party for little tykes. Unlike toddlers who can be accompanied to go on trick-or-treat runs in and around the neighborhood, your new baby deserves a bit more pampering for the occasion. Instead of going around the block showing off how cute your baby is for the event, why not throw a Halloween shindig at your place? Besides saving you a lot of time and effort transporting your baby from one house to another, you'll definitely in for a great time with family and friends.

  • Start a Halloween scrapbook. Having a keepsake of your baby's first ever Halloween is a must, so better have your camera ready to take pictures of memorable events. Someday when your child is older, he or she will have a blast looking at photographs of his or her very first Halloween celebration. Why not make use of Halloween online discounts to get a cool costume for yourself minus the exorbitant rates? Your baby will certainly get a good laugh out of your get-ups in years to come.

  • Turn memories digital. Instead of settling for a traditional scrapbook that can fade or get damaged sooner or later, why not go for a digital one that will last for a lifetime? Your best choice for digital albums and scrapbooks? Smilebox e-coupons. Believe me, you'll be in for a trip down nostalgia lane when you browse through your digital scrapbook in the future.

How to Celebrate Halloween With Your New Baby For Less With Costume Kingdom Promo Deals

The Savvy Woman's Guide to Throwing the Best Adult Halloween Party For Less With Costume Kingdom Online Discounts

By Moira Stevens
August 11, 2010

Who doesn't love an awesome Halloween shindig? Besides getting away with wearing almost anything you fancy from Girl Scout uniforms to pop art-inspired apparel, having the chance of being voted as the party's sexiest ghoul -- not mentioning the scrumptious treats headed your way -- are definitely good enough reasons to join one.

Ever thought about throwing your own Halloween get-together this year? Do you want to take last year's soiree up a notch without overspending a single dime? Well, you've come to the right place. Calling all spooks, ghosts and things that go bump in the night! Here's everything you need to know to throw the best Halloween party your friends will surely talk about for weeks minus the excessive rates:

  • Pick a costume theme. Deciding on a theme beforehand doesn't only help you save time and effort on what decorations and foodstuffs to prepare, it is also a smart move to prevent things from getting too uncomfortably revealing when throwing a teenage or adult Halloween party. Liven up the atmosphere even further by offering surprises for the most unique costume, as well as the funniest and scariest garbs. Come to think of it, why not use Costume Kingdom online discounts and guarantee yourself a prize without ruining your budget?

  • Whip up treats with a Halloween twist. A sit-down meal is out of the question when throwing a Halloween party. Go for easy to grab snacks your guests can enjoy standing or while mingling around with other attendees. Running low on ideas what to serve? Use novelty cookie cutters to shape bread, pies and tarts into festive designs like bats, ghosts and skulls. You can also dip pretzels in dark or white chocolate and dust them lightly with Halloween sprinkles. And the piece de resistance? Incorporate candy worms and spiders when making ice cubes for a spooky surprise with each sip.

  • Turn the heat up a bit. The weather can be quite chilly during Halloween and you will do your guests a favor by turning the temperature inside your home (or wherever you choose as a venue) a shade higher. Likewise, make sure you inform your guests prior to the party to wear loose, cool costumes to prevent excessive sweating -- and ruining that oh-so-seductive Halloween-inspired mascara before your soiree even reaches its climax. Another great idea to tell your guests beforehand? They can get access to top-notch costumes and accessories without driving their finances to ruin with Halloween promo codes.

  • Trick-or-treat bags are not only for kids. While children will settle for chocolates and candy bars, up the ante on post-party treats by preparing trick-or-treat bags for your guests. You can combine mini-bottles of liquor, gag gifts, adult toys and horror DVD's. Just make sure you use Blockbuster e-deals so you won't be spending more than you ought to. Now who's ready to throw the most awesome Halloween party ever?
The Savvy Woman's Guide to Throwing the Best Adult Halloween Party For Less With Costume Kingdom Online Discounts

How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume For Less With Coupon Codes

By Moira Stevens
August 10, 2010

How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume For Less With Coupon Codes

Whether you're attending a Halloween shindig or giving away goodies for trick-or-treaters, choosing the right costume is a very important factor to consider. The theme you choose for Halloween says a lot about you and deciding on an attire can take hours, days or even weeks.

Deciding on your trick or treat ensemble seems like an easy decision but it should require a little bit of thought. With countless costume options popping up every year, it can be quite tough to zero in on the perfect Halloween costume. Are you having a difficult time choosing the right one for you? Here are some useful tips and pointers to consider when choosing a Halloween costume:

  • Always go for comfort over style. Make sure you choose a cozy outfit that can be worn for a long period of time. Whether or not you'll go trick or treating or attending a Halloween party, keep in mind to choose a costume that's both cool and not too bulky. Don't forget to bring a jacket or coat along, too. The weather can be chilly in October and catching a sudden cold during the festivities can be a real disappointment.

  • Decide on a theme. Selecting the perfect costume can be easy as pie if you pick a theme. It can be a popular song, a box-office hit or even your mood for the day. Do you want to feel scary and mysterious or silly yet spooky? The choice is all yours. Beloved get-up staples each year include Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, doctor, skeleton, Barbie, pirate and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

  • Keep an eye on your budget. Halloween costumes can be quite costly depending on their popularity. From superhero garments to ninja warrior ensembles, you can easily blow all of your cash on a costume if you're not careful. While making your very own outfit from scratch is a great alternative, why not use coupon codes instead and get access to the best selection of Halloween garbs minus the excessive rates?

  • The more, the merrier. Contrary to popular belief, coming up with costume ideas get so much easier especially if you're with a group. From iconic video games to literary figures with a cult following, choosing a costume for the whole gang is simple as ABC. You can be an NFL team, a troop of boy/girl scouts, gods and goddesses or perhaps characters from a famous sitcom. Or why not just take the easy route and check out Halloween discount coupons and browse for top-notch costumes without overspending?

  • Take a shot! Not of liquor, silly, but whip out your camera and snap a lot of pictures to see how cool you looked (or super silly) in your costumes. And the best thing about making your photographs and videos timeless these days? Smilebox online discounts. Believe me, storing your memorable Halloween mementos will never be the same after you check them out!

How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume For Less With Coupon Codes

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