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Irv's Luggage Coupon Codes

Since 1947, family-owned business Irv's Luggage has been serving Chicago shoppers with high-quality but affordable luggage, bags, and briefcases. It has done so well in the past years, that in fact at present it operates five retail stores in Illinois. Irv's Luggage offers top brands of luggage, including Abbi New York, Andiamo, Coleman Luggage, LeSportsac, Trafalgar, Jansport Backpacks, Tumi Luggage, and more. Are you going on a trip soon and you are looking for reasonably priced luggage? No need to look further, since Irv's Luggage can provide you with the luggage you need. And the best thing about it, you can save on your shopping by having Irv's Luggage coupon codes. Cut down your luggage costs with Irv's Luggage coupon codes!  All Irv's Luggage coupon codes, Irv's Luggage promotional codes, and Irv's Luggage coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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Sep 03 2018   

I wanted to write and thank you for the clearance promo code that you provided for a luggage set. I just got a job at my law firm, and I was asked to go to Ireland on just a week's notice. I had so much to do, and I was able to order the luggage online and have it delivered two days later. The set was perfect, and definitely made an impression with my client. Thank you so much!

L Schwartz
Chicago, IL

Choosing the Best Luggage for Travel with Irv's Luggage Coupon Codes

By Gabby Dell
February 27, 2010

Traveling with the right kind of luggage is important for any traveler. You have probably found yourself wondering about bags and luggage that you need to bring for your travel. Or maybe you have walked in the airport, asking yourself why you have brought a really heavy luggage when you are just going away for a few days. Or have you ever regretted buying a luggage that looks so common that it could be mistaken as somebody else's luggage?

One should be careful in shopping for travel luggage and bags. There are a few factors to consider when you are selecting the right luggage. Here are some tips to find the perfect luggage.

  • Choose a unique, bright colored or patterned luggage.

    Lost luggage and bags are common in huge airports. If you want to lessen the possibility of your baggage getting lost, always choose a unique-looking luggage. You can choose a bright colored luggage or a bag with bold prints and patterns. Also make sure that your luggage has a tag where you can write your name, phone number, and address, just in case it gets lost.

  • Check the luggage interiors before deciding to buy

    Comparing luggage interiors is necessary when you go shopping for travel luggage. Some bags have lots of belts and pouches inside, and these are perfect if you want to be organized. You will see if the luggage has enough storage for all your personal items.

    In addition, by checking luggage interiors you can easily see if the luggage is made of good material or not. Some luggage and bags only look good on the outside.

  • Look for discounted luggage and bags

    When shopping for any item, you should pay attention to your budget. There are well-known designer luggage and bags, but these are not practical because they are very expensive. What you need is an affordable luggage. You can take advantage of discount coupons offered in department stores. You can also use the internet to find online stores that offer luggage and bags coupon codes.

    Irv's Luggage is a trusted luggage store based in Chicago, and they also have a website. You can buy discounted luggage on their site if you have Irv's Luggage coupon codes.

  • Consider what kind of luggage you need

    There are many types of luggage and travel bags. There are soft-sided luggage and hard-sided luggage, and there are carry-on luggage and wheeled luggage. There are zipper tote bags, backpacks and duffel bags. The type of luggage you should bring depends on your time of travel, duration of travel, and even the things that you will bring.

    If you are traveling for many days and you are bringing a lot of things, you may need a hard-sided luggage with wheels. A business traveler should also bring a hard-sided luggage. But if you are just traveling for fun, you can travel with duffel bags and backpacks. Soft-sided luggage is also good for light packing because it has a lot of storage.

  • Check the size and capacity of your luggage

    If you plan to check in your luggage, it should have the total dimension of 62 inches, with the maximum weight of 50 pounds. If your luggage is too big and heavy, the airline might not allow you to check it in. To be sure, check with the airline that you are traveling with. Airlines have different rules when it comes to baggage allowance.

  • Lastly, remember to choose bags and luggage that you can use for years

    It would not be worth it to buy a costly luggage that is only good for one or two trips. As mentioned already, you can buy luggage and bags for lower prices if you search for promotional discounts and coupon codes. You can start looking for Irv's Luggage coupon codes, and you will surely cut costs with your shopping.

These are just a few tips on selecting your travel luggage. With these guidelines, you would not regret choosing and buying your luggage. Have fun traveling!

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Choosing the Best Luggage for Travel with Irv's Luggage Coupon Codes

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2200 S. Busse Rd.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

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