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Know If the Diamond is Real with coupon codes

By Allison Jada
May 06, 2012

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and since this saying is almost always true, a girl would know whether that

diamond ring you gave her when you proposed to her was pure diamond or a fake one. Now, being a guy is not a

good enough excuse that you can use to your woman if she finds the cubic zirconium in her ring. How can you

prevent such a confrontation to happen? Jewelbasket coupon codes have several steps you can follow to know if

the diamond you bought is for real.

1. Ask for a certificate. All legitimate gems have certificates that come with them. There are appraisers and

experts who can make your gems certificates in case you got them without certifications.

2. A diamond's reflection is usually gray. If the stone you have reflects a rainbow, it is either a low-

quality diamond or a down right fake one.

3. A diamond's weight is 50% lighter than its cubic zirconia counterpart. Take two kinds of gem that are of

the same size and weigh it on either of your hands. The heavier one is most probably cubic zirconia.

4. Exposing the stone in ultraviolet light will also be an effective test, too. Diamonds usually exude a blue

hue when exposed to black light while Moissanite exudes a green, yellow or grey hue under the ultraviolet


5. Testing the diamond with heat will also be another way of knowing if it's real. Real diamond will not heat

up after 30 seconds of exposure to heat. This test is usually free when you buy your jewelry. Ask the

salesperson to help you with this test.

6. Do the fog test. This is one test you can do on your own. Blow on the gem as you would a mirror and fog it.

If it remains fogged up a couple of seconds after you blew on it, it's probably fake. Real diamond disperses

the heat right away that it won't be possible for you to see the fog anymore.

Most jewellery sell authentic diamonds, anyway, but if you really want to make sure that they are real, you

can do these tests just to make sure. Although diamonds and other gems are expensive, you can get them for a

lower price when you use coupon codes like Jewelbasket coupon codes during your purchase.

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