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MedEx Supply Coupon Codes

MedEx Supply provides medical equipment and supplies that are
affordable. It is the number one choice of universities,
colleges, hospitals, and government agencies. It is also one
of the top online stores specializing in medical supplies.
MedEx Supply has a complete range of medical products,
including surgical supplies, diagnostic tests, dental
supplies, lab supplies, needles and syringes, ambulatory
products, and more. MedEx Supply also guarantees that their
products are safe and are manufactured in a sterile
environment. If you are looking for medical supplies, make sure to use MedEx Supply coupon codes. You can get great discounts with MedEx Supply discount codes!  All MedEx Supply coupon codes, MedEx Supply promotional codes, and MedEx Supply coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

Stores Deal Offered Coupon Expires Coupon Code  
MedEx Supply Free Shipping On Orders Of $150+ at Medex Supply
Free Shipping On Orders Of $150+ at Medex Supply. Promotion is valid on orders under 40lbs.
Dec 30 2017   
MedEx Supply $5 off $50 Coupon Code: EXCITE
Receive $5 off your order of $50 or more with coupon code "EXCITE5".
Dec 31 2017   
MedEx Supply $10 off $100 Coupon Code: EXCITE10
Receive $10 off your order of $100 or more with coupon code "EXCITE10".
Dec 31 2017   
MedEx Supply Save on Diagnostic Tools
Save on Diagnostic Tools at MEDEX Supply.
Dec 31 2017   
MedEx Supply Shop and Save on Surgical Supplies at
Dec 31 2017   

Health Care in Summer with MedEx Supply coupon codes

By Allison Jada
May 31, 2012

Summer is sure to come every year and it seems to be most people's most favorite season. It is probably

because it means going to the beach, getting a tan and having the excuse to wear less clothes than usual.

Well, whatever reason you have on why you love summer, you should take these tips provided by MedEx Supply

coupon codes to keep yourself at optimum health throughout the summer.

1. This might be "common sense" to most people but there are people who forget to protect their skins whenever

they go out during the summer. Contrary to popular belief, you should be putting sunblock lotion to all of the

exposed skin even if you are not going to the beach because the harshness of the sun also affects you and your

skin even without the salt water. It is also best to apply sunblock lotion every 2 hours to make sure that you

are protected.

2. To avoid dehydration and heat stroke, keep yourself hydrated all the time by bringing along with you a

bottle of water every time you go out. 8 glasses of water per day will not be enough during the summer season.

3. The heat of summer tends to drain energy from people and that is the reason why doctors require sickly

people to double their dosages of vitamins and to refrain from going out in the sun. If you are not feeling

well, stay at home instead of going out.

4. For most people, sunglasses are just accessories to wear to further enhance their looks but come summer

time, you should be wearing sunglasses all the time (at least in the morning til late afternoon) to protect

your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

5. Most insects are out and about during the summer because everything's all dry so it is best to keep insect repellents and cover-ups within arm's reach so you won't get any insect-related illness by the end of summer.

Just keep these tips brought to you by MedEx Supply coupon codes in mind when you go out during summer and

you're sure to make the most out of the two months of summer time.

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Health Care in Summer with MedEx Supply coupon codes

MedEx Supply Address:

MedExSupply Medical Supplies
PO Box 1242
Monsey, NY 10952

Contact MedEx Supply:


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