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Omnis Network Coupon Codes

Since its formation in 1999, Omnis Network has been a leader in web hosting and domain name registration. It offers internet hosting services for reasonable prices. With its experienced staff, it is able to satisfy customers with reliable web hosting. In the past 10 years, Omnis Network has managed to get a handful of awards from various sites. These awards include's Top 15 Hosts,'s #1 Budget Hosting and #1 Unix Hosting, Web Hosting Rally #1 Award, Web Hosting Search's Top Pick for 2008, and Best Support 2009. Looking for a way to gain an edge with your business? Set up a website with Omnis Network. To save up, use Omnis Network coupon codes. Great discounts await you with Omnis Network coupon codes!  All Omnis Network coupon codes, Omnis Network promotional codes, and Omnis Network coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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Keep Your Child Safe Online with these Awesome Tips from Omnis Network Promo Codes

By Maggie Baker
October 26, 2011

With everything going the digital route these days, even kids can easily surf the web without a fuss. Although

the Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life as a medium for information and entertainment,

there are still a few dangers to take note of to keep your little one as safe as possible when getting online.

Here are some top-notch pointers from Omnis

Network promo codes to help you get the get job done with flying colors right away:

Get involved and stay informed. Your involvement in your child's life, including his or her

online life, is the best insurance you can have of your child's safety. Spend time online with your child,

whether at home, at the library or at a computer center in your community. Keep yourself informed about the

parental control tools that can help you keep your child safe online while at it as well to up the ante on

Internet security.

Computer placement greatly counts. If your computer is in a high-traffic area, you will be

able to easily monitor the computer activity. Not only does this accessibility deter a child from doing

something he or she is not allowed to, it also gives you the opportunity to intervene if you notice a behavior

that could have negative consequences. Don't forget to use Internet services coupon codes, too, to enjoy the biggest savings while

getting access to the finest web hosting, wireless fax services, video conferencing and many more 24/7.

Set usage limits. Permit your child have free online time for, say, 30 minutes right after

school to instant-message friends, play games or visit social networking sites but make it a rule that family

time starts with dinner. After that the computer is used for homework and it's an IM-free zone. Check the

browser history to know where your child goes online and make it a habit to visit the sites regularly to find

out if it is 100% kid-friendly.

Keep lines of communication open. Let your child know that she can approach you with any

questions or concerns about behaviors or problems she may have encountered on the computer while surfing the

web. Tell him or her not to exchange personal information like a phone number, address, best friend's name or

picture. No party invitations, revealing details or meeting in person -- ever.

The right program is essential. There are other resources you can use to control and/or

monitor your child's online activity. Some ISPs offer services designed to protect children online. Contact

your ISP to see if any of these services are available. There are also special software programs you can

install on your computer. Different programs offer different features and capabilities, so you can find one

that best suits your needs. You can also use Omnis Network promo codes the zero in on some of

the most sought after features for less.

Zero in on child-friendly search engines. You should make sure your child is aware of child-

friendly search engines. These filter out inappropriate internet sites so that they are able to search the

internet safely. Your child can also use traditional search engines with safe search settings turned on. You

should make sure that you use online promos when you shop to only

grab the finest brands without emptying your bank account.

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Keep Your Child Safe Online with these Awesome Tips from Omnis Network Promo Codes

Omnis Network Address:

3655 Torrance Blvd Suite 230
Torrance, CA 90503

Contact Omnis Network:

(877) 393-HOST (4678)

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