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PsPrint provides custom printing services for affordable prices. Whether customers need newsletters, greeting cards, invitations, brochures, business cards, or envelopes, PsPrint can provide it. PsPrint has 150 product templates that customers can choose from. These templates are fully customizable so customers can add their own images and texts on the template. PsPrint has two offices, one in California and one in Pennsylvania. This is to make sure that the customer's orders are done and delivered on time. Customers can save with PsPrint coupon codes. If you need invitations or newsletters in bulk, go to PsPrint, pick a template, add your texts and images, and order online. Don't forget to use your PsPrint coupon codes so you could avail discounts.   All PsPrint coupon codes, PsPrint promotional codes, and PsPrint coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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How to Make Fabulous Handmade Wedding Invitations For Less With PsPrint Online Deals

By Moira Stevens
November 08, 2010

I came across PsPrint online deals last September when my sister, Joan, asked me to help her make a few handmade wedding invitations for a friend of hers who's getting married. While we didn't have any trouble coming up with the design, Joan and I definitely had a bit of difficulty writing the text. Thankfully, we stumbled upon these helpful tips and pointers while browsing popular wedding blogs that will surely take your wedding card making know-how up a notch in a jiffy:

First rule of thumb: do a headcount. Besides making sure you precisely know how many guests will be attending, having an idea of their correct names and titles is a priority when writing wedding invitations as well. Moreover, it is also proper to announce who the host of the wedding is, whether it is the couple's parents or the bride and groom themselves.

Choose a design that fits the couple. Always remember that it is best to know the bride and groom's preferences before deciding on a layout. For starters, you can integrate landscapes and flowers if the couple are nature lovers, or perhaps a montage of cats and dogs if they are pet enthusiasts. Already running out of wedding card ideas? Why not use PsPrint online deals to get access to the finest designs minus without ruining your budget?

It doesn't always mean that the more professional it looks, the better it is. Everybody loves a wedding card that has an equal touch of chic and playfulness. Adding too much sleekness to an invitation can make it look pretentious, while overdoing the whimsical part can make it look shabby, too. Recommended wedding card accessories these days include bows, picture inlays and a pinch of glitter for highlight. Check out office supplies coupon codes to get your hands on the most sought after materials that will surely take your wedding card to a whole new level with the least amount of effort.

Details, details, details. Make sure you provide the complete wedding details in the invitation. From the date of the event to a map of the venue, it doesn't hurt to be elaborate when making your own wedding cards. Raring to make a rough draft of your invitation already? Use e-discounts to get started on your masterpiece!

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How to Make Fabulous Handmade Wedding Invitations For Less With PsPrint Online Deals

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