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A Beginner’s Guide to Dating for Less with the Help of Coupon Codes

By Gabby Dell
March 07, 2010

Are you looking for thrifty ways to impress your date? Or do you need advice on dating on a tight budget? You do not have to squeeze your wallet or borrow money from friends just to impress your date. It just takes some creativity, willingness to try and learn new things, and resourcefulness. Here are four date ideas while on a tight budget.

1. Get creative

To impress a date you might assume you have to go to a fancy, expensive restaurant and spend on costly gifts. But depending on your date, you do not always have to do that. If your date loves the outdoors, you can impress her by going on an adventure date. Go hiking, cycling, or arrange for a nature tour. Or if she likes spending time in a simple, quiet place you can prepare for a picnic date in a park or go with her to the bookstore and buy her favorite book.

There are a lot of ways to impress your date without having to spend so much. Just be creative and try thinking of unconventional date ideas.

2. Learn how to cook

This advice is for women and men, since men can also cook at home. If you are trying to save up but you have an upcoming romantic date with your partner, why not just spend time at home and cook? A lot of couples have been doing this already, but unfortunately some have been tempted to order takeout meals for their dates instead.

Aside from the fact that cooking is cheaper than buying takeout food, it can also impress your date. You do not have to be really good at cooking; and besides even if you do not know how to cook, you can always learn. Cooking takes effort, and your date will notice how much effort you put into impressing him or her.

3. Take advantage of restaurant coupons from magazines and newspapers

If you often read newspapers and magazines, you will notice ads and coupons that are occasionally posted. Most coupons that you can find are grocery coupons, but nowadays you can also see restaurant coupons on newspapers and magazines.

To make searching for restaurant and food coupons easier, try looking online. There are restaurants that have their own websites, and they post promos and coupons on their site. There are also sites that link into printable restaurant coupons and coupon codes.

4. Avail of discounts by signing up on Restaurant. provides big discounts on many restaurants all over the United States. Currently, the site lists over 13,000 restaurants. Surely you can find a restaurant in your area that is listed on

The site has gift certificates and gift cards that you can get with coupon codes. Instead of having to pay $10 for a $25 worth of restaurant gift certificates, you can get them for a lower price. Take advantage of coupon codes and other offers so you can save on your next date.

These easy tips are just a few of many budget-saving date ideas. See if you can think of more ideas on your own. Do not be scared to try new things with your date. But also do not be too thrifty. Your date might feel uncomfortable or might be turned off if you are too prudent. It is okay to spend on expensive dates once in a while. The most important thing is to have fun on your date.

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