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Scented Monkey Coupons and codes

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Scented Monkey Coupon Codes

Scented Monkey offers beauty products and perfumes for low
prices. They have well-known fragrance brands, such as Agent
Provocateur, Balenciaga, Versace, Victoria's Secret, and Ralph
Lauren, and also celebrity perfumes from Mariah Carey, Sarah
Jessica Parker, Queen Latifah, Mart-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and
Jennifer Lopez. Other products that are being offered at
Scented Monkey include hair accessories, candles, and cosmetic
products. All products in Scented Monkey are guaranteed to be
100% authentic.Now, you can avail of big discounts with Scented Monkey coupon codes. If you love shopping for beauty products and perfumes, look through Scented Monkey's lists of available products. Order the products you love and you can save with Scented Monkey coupon codes.   All Scented Monkey coupon codes, Scented Monkey promotional codes, and Scented Monkey coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

Stores Deal Offered Coupon Expires Coupon Code  
Scented Monkey 6% off all orders code:cj6off
Scented Monkey Get 6% off on all Skincare code:cjskin6off
6% off on all Skincare items promocode:cjskin6off
Scented Monkey Get 6% off on all Haircare code:cjhair6off
6% off on all Haircare items promocode:cjhair6off

Online Shopping with Scented Monkey coupon codes

By Allison Jada
June 29, 2012

Online shopping have started to become a trend and different kinds of stuff have been available for purchase

online. Even appliances are now available for customers to buy online. The drill is to choose the item you

want, put it in your cart and checkout. You pay using debit or credit cards and then the shop sends you the

item via a courier and you can already enjoy the item you bought. The big question that is bothering you most

probably is if all these shops are safe to shop in. Don't fret! Scented Monkey coupon codes have a checklist

that will provide you with ideas to know if the online shop you are buying from checks out. Read on.

1. First is to know wall contact details including the identity of the online retailer. There are a lot of

stores online that have names that are instantly recognizable: Amazon, eBay and Etsy are just some of them.

There are far more retailers, though, that have unrecognizable names so making sure that they are legitimate

retailers are important. Getting their contact information and address will also be wise.

2. Reading online reviews and any other signs of identification will also be essential in making sure that the

online retailer checks out. Usually, there are bloggers or random people in discussion boards that talk about

online retailers and their experiences with them so reading on them will help you decide if you want to buy

from them.

3. Reading on their billing and shipping policies before you make the purchase is also important. This will

give you the idea of how much the total bill is as well as the details of their policies. You would want to

know what will happen to your packages and your money.

4. Read the privacy policy. This might be a very tedious and not to mention, boring task but reading on this

will give you the capacity to know what you need to know if the time comes that who you're dealing with turns

out to be a scammer. This will also come in handy when they start telling you stuff that seem far fetched when

it comes to online seller and buyer interaction.

5. For personal security purposes, put your business address instead of your home address as the mailing

address. This way, you won't give out your address to unknown people who might take advantage of the


6. Use secure money exchange sites to settle for your payments. One of these websites is Paypal. You can use a

Paypal account to pay for your transactions. If you choose to pay using a credit card, make sure to use one

that has fraud protection so you can be sure that money won't be released to those scammers.

7. Print a copy of your transaction page, most specifically the last part and you can use this as proof of the

transaction. There might me scammers that will say that you didn't make the transaction and having a copy of

that page will definitely prove your case.

Online shopping provides a convenient shopping experience to the buyers while Scented Monkey coupon codes

makes sure that the buyers get their money's worth and puts their safety in to great consideration. Enjoy


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Online Shopping with Scented Monkey coupon codes

Scented Monkey Address:

3 Lavenders Court
Manhasset, NY 11030

Contact Scented Monkey:


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