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Straight Talk is a service of TracFone Wireless Inc., a top provider of no-contract cell phones since 1996. Straight Talk provides high quality affordable cell phones with straightforward plans. Some of the cell phones that Straight Talk offers come from well-known top-quality brands such as Motorola, Samsung, and LG. Straight Talk plans feature unlimited texts and calls no matter where you are in the US, 1000 minutes of calls, 1000 text messages or multimedia messages, and 30 MB of data transfer. With Straight Talk, you can find affordable phones by using Straight Talk discount promo codes. You can be assured that there are no binding contracts, as well as hidden charges, that will come with your new phone. You can even get discounted rates for high-quality cell phones with Straight Talk discount promo codes.   All Straight Talk coupon codes, Straight Talk promotional codes, and Straight Talk coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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Extending the Life of Your Cell Phone's Battery in 5 Easy Steps with Straight Talk Promo Discounts

By Maggie Baker
October 30, 2011

With cell phones being one of the most important gadgets these days, you need to have your unit up and running

most of the time to instantly get in on the action at a touch of a button. Still having trouble boosting your

phone's battery life up a notch? No need to worry just yet. You've absolutely come to the right place. These

pointers from Straight Talk promo

discounts will surely help you get the job done without overspending even a single dime:

Downplay the display. It's no secret that your phone's display is the largest drain on power

that your device encounters. The brighter your screen, the more energy is required to power the backlight. By

limiting your screen's maximum brightness, your battery should see less use and you'll have more power left at

the end of the day. Stick to a more power-convenient setting and you're good to go.

Disable unnecessary sounds and vibrating alert. You don't really need keypad tones to be on

ever. Besides drastically using up your battery's power with even the slightest touch of the keypad, properly

receiving calls and texts means more work for your unit with all the shaking and jiggling involved. Start

using phones and wireless deals coupons

while at it to enjoy the service you've always wanted for less.

Don't strain your phone when it comes to signal location. When your cell phone searches for a

stable signal, it uses more power than when it is already engaged with one. If you are wandering in an area

that has limited coverage, this will force the phone to search harder and longer. Using the phone in a poorly

covered area will drain the cell phone battery faster than in an area where signals are easy to find. Switch

off your unit immediately and look for a more signal-receptive area.

Turn off when not in use. When there are times you don't need your cell phone, simply turn it

off. Either you're in a long management meeting at the office, in the subway or perhaps just getting ready for

bed, turning off your mobile phone is the best way to lengthen the life of a single battery charge. Don't

forget to get access to Straight Talk promo discounts to zero in only the best brands and

models available nowadays minus the excessive rates.

Use your phone smartly. Most cell phones these days support several functions that wear down

the cell phone battery quite quickly. Playing games on your cell phone can drain power out of a battery more

quickly than almost anything else. Bluetooth can also require an abundance of energy. Other features that

drain the battery are camera features or hooking up to the Internet. Smart is the way to go to extend the life

of your phone's battery. You can start using coupon deals for

everything else you need.

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Extending the Life of Your Cell Phone's Battery in 5 Easy Steps with Straight Talk Promo Discounts

Growing up I considered one solid group of three as my best friends and those three happened to be my sisters. Sadly, when we aged each of us went our own ways, moving to different states and countries. Still we did not allow that to stop our bond, we made it a point to call each other occasionally even if it was costly.

Now however, I am not worried of my call expenses anymore for Straight Talk coupon codes gave me great discounts for local and international calls.Because of that, at present I can afford to make more calls to my lovely gals, anytime and anywhere!

Thank you so much for an incredibly low call fee, you surely tied my family back together again!

More power to all of you!
Caitlin S.
Buffalo, NY

Straight Talk Address:

Straight Talk, Inc
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 NW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Contact Straight Talk:

1-877-430-CELL (2355)
Customer Support

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