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How to Behave During a Concert and How to Enjoy a Live Music/Theater Performance with TickCo Coupon Codes

By Gabby Dell
March 04, 2010

Many people love to listen to music and watch movies, but not a lot of people like going to theaters to watch live performances. A possible reason for this is the cost; buying music and going to the cinema to watch movies are not as expensive as going to a live concert or a play. Maybe it is also because there are codes of conduct that are expected from the audience. Some people might be worried that they cannot behave properly inside the music hall or theater.

If you are planning to watch your first concert or a live performance-- may it be a play, a musical, or a dance recital-- you do not have to worry. Concerts are not so expensive, especially if you have ticket coupons. You just have to take advantage of discount coupons and promos. Also, concert etiquette is not so hard; in fact, you might consider it common sense.


1. Turn off your cell phone or any hand-held gadget

Once you are seated in the concert venue you should turn off your cell phone out of respect for performers and audience members. A beep or a ring can distract a performance. Also think of it this way: if you are seriously watching a show, would you like it if the person seated on your right is talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to the show at all?

2. No cameras allowed

Most concerts and live performances do not allow audience members to take pictures inside the venue. There are good reasons for this: 1) you might post your photos online, letting other people who have not gone to the concert see the photos, and thus spoiling the show; and 2) you might be distracting those on stage and the audience members with the camera flashes and the camera lights.

If you really want to have a photo souvenir of the concert, you can take it before or after the show. Take a picture of the concert poster at the lobby or take a picture of your companions, but never during the show.

3. Do not bring food or drinks

Going to a concert is not the same as going to the movies. At the movies, you can eat popcorn and chips while eating. But if you are in a concert, eating and drinking are usually not allowed. This is because you might make other people uncomfortable or you might distract a performer. If you feel hungry before a performance, you should try to eat something first before going inside the venue.

4. No shouting, screaming, or talking loudly

Usually fans show love and appreciation by screaming or shouting supportive words. And that is okay, if the performers and the concert organizers allow it. But if you are watching a musical, a play, a recital, an opera, or a classical concert, it is best not to scream or talk too loud during a performance. It is considered rude if your voice is louder than the performers on stage. Other audience members might not focus properly because of your screaming or talking.


1. Enter the concert venue early

It might be okay to be late in a standing-room concert. But if you have to be seated and the program says that the concert will start at a specific hour, then it is embarrassing to enter the venue late. It is also rude if you suddenly arrive while in the middle of a performance. If you cannot help to be late, make sure that you are entering the venue at the right time. Some concerts and performances have 10 to 15-minute breaks. You can take advantage of that if you are late so you would not get embarrassed.

2. Show your appreciation by clapping or standing up while clapping

Applauding is a sign of appreciation of a performance. However if you are not too fond of the performance or the performers, you should still clap out of respect. You can show your dissatisfaction through other ways, such as not standing up when some of the audience gives a standing ovation or not clap enthusiastically.

3. Concentrate on the performance

Since you paid a price for a ticket, you might as well fully experience the concert. To properly experience a performance, you should focus on what is happening on stage. Try to not pay attention on the people seated beside you. If someone in the audience is doing something distracting, try to ignore it. You should get your money's worth when watching a live concert.

Aside from these tips, it is always important to have fun at a concert. Enjoy concerts, plays, live performances, and more with TickCo coupon codes. You can get premium seat tickets for less if you have TickCo coupon codes.

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How to Behave During a Concert and How to Enjoy a Live Music/Theater Performance with TickCo Coupon Codes

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