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YLighting started in 2001 with a great idea of modern lighting
that are function and also an art. They travel around the
world to discover new ideas on design and to provide excellent
customer service without deposits and returns without fees.
They have a team that is friendly and knowledgeable lighting
veterans that will help you select the best lighting solution
and designs without additional cost. They have over 5,000
modern lighting designs across their 110 brands. Aside from
providing lighting need for individual customers they also
supply for well-known bars and restaurants, as well as hotels.With YLighting coupons you could enjoy free shipping at any of their products. Enjoy discounts and freebies using YLighting discount codes.  All YLighting coupon codes, YLighting promotional codes, and YLighting coupons come without warranty and are subject to change.

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Home Improvements for the Winter by YLighting coupon codes

By Allison Jada
July 31, 2012

Winter time is a great time to spend time with the family or your partner, just sitting in front of the

fireplace, talking about anything at all while sipping hot coffee. This is the ideal winter situation. Snap

back to reality and you will probably notice how your home responds to the cold temperature and the moisture

that snow brings. YLighting coupon codes have 5 tips that you can do to improve your home during the winter


1. Upgrade your heating system

The first thing that you need to do is to make a plan for your heating system. A lot of the percentage of your

electricity bill during the winter is from your heating system only so making sure that it runs smoothly is a

must. If you cannot afford to upgrade your heating system, you can do by just cleaning the filters and see if

carbon monoxide poisoning is a possibility in the future.

2. Energy audit your home

It is worth knowing if your house can actually handle the heat that your heating system provides. There are a

lot of companies that can do your energy audit, just go online and Google it and make sure that they offer

services in your neighborhood.

3. Fix your windows

You might want to change your windows before the huge snow invades your place but if you rent a house or an

apartment or are on a tight budget, you might want to bolt them all tight or you can actually provide more

support for it with the use of ply boards or wood.

4. Get a thermostat

You will definitely need a thermostat in your house so you will know how cold it is and you can adjust your

heater. If you have a much more flexible budget, you can get a programmable one that you can sync to your

heater so you won't have to adjust the heater every so often.

5. Close up all the leaks

This can be done long before winter but the best time to get this done is before the snow falls. Close up all

the leaks of the walls, windows, doors and roofs. You can use sealants or actually change the entire thing, if

your budget permits.

Prevention is better than cure. Doing everything before the snow comes in will definitely be more effective.

These tips provided by YLighting coupon codes are the basic things you need to keep in mind. If you need more

done, do it before winter time.

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Home Improvements for the Winter by YLighting coupon codes

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YLighting LLC
1850 Mt Diablo Blvd
Suite 470
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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